one-liner wednesday – 04/04/18 – birds

There was a guy whistling at work a few weeks back who was really driving me mad. He had his earphones in and he was enjoying his music.  Forget the fact that my manager had just told me off and that the guy I have unresolved tension with was lurking nearby, this brother was WHISTLING … Continue reading one-liner wednesday – 04/04/18 – birds


one-liner wednesday – 21/03

This one goes out to a specific person. You know who you are and you know what you're doing. Somehow I shouldn't care, but I do. Damn you.  This one also goes out to the human race in general, you're all confusing and you need to get your collective shit together. Thanks! [#1LinerWeds]

the g in lasagna

I am too out of it to link back but this is my entry for one liner wednesday. Visit Linda G. Hill's blog to find out more.  I'm still battling this flu. Night sweats, fever, congestion, headache, body pain, the whole shebang. Yay me. 

152% done

I'm losing my patience - no wait, I've lost my patience and I am now 152% done. Genuinely thought this earlier on. Right now I'm 227% done.  cc: One-Liner Wednesday/JusJoJan.