#1MinFiction – 23/04

Prompt: the doll maker Pushing buttons was the easy part, but where it all went to shit was the eyebrows. They were either wonky, over-arched, under-arched or just downright ugly. The worst part was the shiny, false blue eyes that constantly stared up at him. Judging. Silently, but judging all the same.  I'm bad at this aren't … Continue reading #1MinFiction – 23/04


#snapshots 016

Previous parts here. Winging it has led me down a dark path.... Even though I'd crushed Sophie, I couldn't deny that I felt better than I had in years. It felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Handing over the locket that I'd scrimped and saved to buy was the right thing to do. Sophie's … Continue reading #snapshots 016

keeping up with the days [fiction]

I don’t normally re-read my own writing but…I just came across this and it made me chuckle. So I’m sharing it again!


Writing has been so fleeting of late for me. I seem to write a huge chunk one day and then nothing for weeks, months… meh. I am trying to write regularly at least, particularly original pieces so that I’m inspired to finish my book (pysche).

Prompt: Describe the days of the week as if they’re people.

Obviously, I wrote a reality series.

Keeping Up With The Days

Welcome to Bravo’s newest reality show, Keeping Up With The Days. In this series, we sit down with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday; seven siblings who all possess different traits.

Monday .

Monday is sitting in the penthouse suite of the Beverly Hills Wiltshire when we catch up with her. She’s wearing a blue Valentino dress and a diamond tiara. There’s a six-man security detail surrounding her.

Narrator: Monday is the princess of the bunch. She knocks on doors that…

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