fiction friday

“God knows I never meant to hurt you…I never meant take it that far…” Written for last week's #marquessachallenge! I was inspired and then I... got busy and forgot. Story of my life.  It wasn't the most ideal situation. Here I was, at my sister's engagement party and John, my boyfriend of two years,  had picked … Continue reading fiction friday


like poison [poem]

Guilt seeps in slowly Like poison Running through the veins Infecting the bloodstream Spreading like a virus • It grabs you by the chest Roars until you're dying Screams until your eyes bleed Thrives until the very end • Survives even when all hope is lost Breeds even when the ground is infertile Attacks like … Continue reading like poison [poem]

this doesn’t bode well

So for the past few years I've done a Christmas story exchange. You write something for someone based on their preferences and prompts and someone writes something for you etc. Last year, I got an amazing story. It practically brought tears to my eyes.  I wasn't going to sign up this year but I changed … Continue reading this doesn’t bode well

Please try again later

I'm trying to clear out my old drafts because every new post I write is not fit for purpose. I might as well dust off the cupboard. Or something.  I got another 'you're so quiet' today, so I'm just going to talk about writing instead.  Right now my writing process is this: Opens Google Docs/Word … Continue reading Please try again later

sweet home a la drama [fiction]

So, I set myself a goal. Find a prompt. Write a story. Post it. This is what I came up with: Every six months, my parents like to gather everyone up. Aunties. Uncles. Cousins. That one ex-boyfriend that just became one of the family. They hire a restaurant, tell us to bring whoever we like … Continue reading sweet home a la drama [fiction]

who am I? [three]

One / Two / Three ​After we left the diner, we walked around for a while. It was chilly outside and in my haste, I'd only grabbed a light jacket. He noticed and he smiled slightly. “Do you want my coat?” I let out an indignant huff and said, “I'm not a damsel in distress.” He simply laughed … Continue reading who am I? [three]

who am i? {part two}

part one is here. ~ We went to a hole in the wall diner. I ordered a soy latte (and got a black coffee with powdered milk for my trouble). He got a burger with extra onions. He hadn't answered my question yet and I was becoming impatient. Now wasn't the time for burgers. I'd barely … Continue reading who am i? {part two}