#3words1story: 027 – betrayed forgotten abandoned

This time, the prompt is from reddit. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned.  That's how I felt. Lola, my so-called best friend, was currently snuggled up with my ex-boyfriend, Ben. They had considered my feelings first, if the meeting we had last week was anything to go by. Apparently, in the two months since Ben and I … Continue reading #3words1story: 027 – betrayed forgotten abandoned


#3words1story: 026

attention - thank - trouble ~ It was reaching a certain point.  That was my take on my six month old relationship with James. Initially, everything was good. He showered me with attention and went to the trouble of getting to know me. It was easy to fall for him, even easier to give him … Continue reading #3words1story: 026