like poison [poem]

Guilt seeps in slowly Like poison Running through the veins Infecting the bloodstream Spreading like a virus • It grabs you by the chest Roars until you're dying Screams until your eyes bleed Thrives until the very end • Survives even when all hope is lost Breeds even when the ground is infertile Attacks like … Continue reading like poison [poem]


i sit here in silence [poem]

I sit here in near silence Limbs lethargic and still Everything is heavy Pressure on the levee That holds it all in Tight in the dreary din I sit here in near silence All hope, no pretense Everything is wrong Like a never ending song It plays and plays Like the end of winter days … Continue reading i sit here in silence [poem]

it never starts slowly [poem]

Text: It never starts slowly It's fast Loud Messy Bang bang Heartbeat races Blurred out faces You long for black Where everything is still You long for peace Where nothing hurts It never starts slowly It just never ends © hiptobesnark Written to quell some late night anxiety a couple of days ago. It kinda … Continue reading it never starts slowly [poem]