One-Liner Wednesday – I believe in coffee

Daria knows what's up. The same way I barely know what day it is. Happy hump day, y'all.  ~ See the other entries here.


One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable This is more positive than usual but I just spent an hour laughing to myself at hurricane and earthquake innuendo* (and then feeling bad because hello people are dealing with this in real life ugh). I can't afford to be pessimistic right now.  *Basically it was FX effects in my video editing … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

One-Liner Wednesday – Trends come and go…

The truth about conformity, is it bites without a sting Trends come and go, but when you're alone it doesn't mean a thing I always champion being a trend setter instead of a trend follower. It's cheaper, less stressful and you don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people. This my entry … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – Trends come and go…