why are people so obsessed with love? ❤

Yeah, so, let's just pretend that I haven't spent months blathering on about the idiot I was dumb enough to fall for. I feel compelled to write this.  I have a (slightly cynical) question.  Why are people so obsessed with falling in love or being in love or any of these romantically involved things?  One … Continue reading why are people so obsessed with love? ❤


guess I should shut up

I have a migraine. I'm pretty sure it's a migraine. It started on Saturday and it's been troubling me since. Obviously, when it comes to certain people, I can't be bothered because aggravating my condition doesn't benefit me. One of those people is Dumb-Dumb (guy at work who I have ~tension~ with) who managed to … Continue reading guess I should shut up

5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

Written as a response to: Finally. 1. It's exhausting. I worked double time over the past few days to finish a project and I managed to make myself sick in the process. I didn't sleep. My back is currently doing it's version of the Cha Cha Slide. It's bad for your health, people.  2. Quality. You … Continue reading 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

Writing 101 | plot development

I'm not a professional writer by any means, but what I've noticed is this recent trend of awful characters doing awful things before slight redemption and an admission that they will always be awful. That to me is boring. If your plot is that your main character is a questionable, you need to have a conclusion that goes beyond that. Now that's a post for another time, but I brought that up because sometimes we tend to write our characters in a certain way that allows us to become attached and even though we know their inner secrets and everything, the audience doesn't.