that would just be lovely

To the idiot who's going to receive a withering comment from me over the weekend: (++#jusjojan++)


the one where I cried

Does anyone remember that post where I said: I hate crying because it's so horrible and awful. Obviously, I was due my first cryfest of the year and it happened in public at my workplace because I'm me and my life is awesome. Basically Awkward Manager asked me to take something somewhere. Prior to that, someone else tried to do it … Continue reading the one where I cried

#64 | research & discover

Welcome back to Random Thoughts, wherein I ramble about random shit.  Once again, we shall begin with... For those of y'all that don't know, Bob McDonut is a person that I follow on Instagram. I judge him because he makes it hard for me not to. I know Esther is somewhere saying 'Ha, she's still … Continue reading #64 | research & discover

#JusJoJan – 5/1/18 – remember when

Today's prompt was memories. Off the top of my head I'm trying to remember a time when I wasn't talking to the person that punched me in the head today, but it's a new year and annoying people with violent tendencies* aside, I'm going to be positive.  A few days ago I asked someone if they were … Continue reading #JusJoJan – 5/1/18 – remember when

The Awkward Chronicles #9

The Awkward Chronicles are part of the year of snark unfortunately. It wouldn't be me if there wasn't some awkward shit happening on daily basis. 30th December 2017 Did I pass the friend test? I was at work when someone literally called me over. I went over and she was basically saying that another person … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #9