chilling in the bathroom

Apparently I'm going to be anxious for a while so... you all get to read (or not read) my ramblings. I haven't had bad anxiety like this in a long time. It comes in fits and starts. I'm probably going to cry myself to sleep tonight (I need to. I feel like the tear bank … Continue reading chilling in the bathroom


The Awkward Chronicles #5

This post was originally written in October. I like that I keep a record of all of the awkward shit that happens to me. It feels right.  Dear Snarklings, Awkward Manager returned this week and well, it was interesting.  First of all, still no hello. I don't know why that's a hang up of mine, … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #5

space invaders

I have this long post coming up on people needing to keep their hands to themselves and ironically, I mentioned my Awkward Manager (for those of you that don't know - manager at work that used to make me SUPER uncomfortable except now it's better but still very awkward) and how he generally refrained from … Continue reading space invaders

social anxiety things

In terms of social anxiety, I think I've come a long way from where I was year ago. A year ago I could barely walk into McDonald's and now they have card reader machines that mean that I can do even less talking. It's awesome. Jokes aside, social anxiety is so fucked up. I don't … Continue reading social anxiety things

making small talk and not talking at all

I hate making small talk but I've learned that it's one of those things that one has to do. I've been the awkward girl in the corner not saying anything and been the girl who just says things for the sake of it. As much as I hate (okay fine, sometimes dislike) people, the latter … Continue reading making small talk and not talking at all

happiness doesn’t exist | unplugged #4

Today's Unplugged is all about saying the things I never say I think going through life knowing that you're a disappointment is both good and bad. No, hear me out. Good in the sense that you can fuck up every now and then and it's normal. Wait. That's bad. Anyway. My life is a series … Continue reading happiness doesn’t exist | unplugged #4