how to deal with haters

A few years ago, I spent a full twenty four hours arguing with a Supernatural fan about Jared Padalecki. It wasn't out of the blue. I hinted that his charity was a 'scam' (in the loosest sense) and suddenly, I had someone posted up and down on my blog who seemed content on letting me … Continue reading how to deal with haters


hit backspace and breathe easy

Night time anxiety, y'all.  The worst kind.  Today I'm wondering why I have such a big problem replying comments. If you've noticed that I reply at odd times or somewhat infrequently - you're observant. I have to be in the correct mood to reply comments otherwise it won't happen.  It's a byproduct of something that … Continue reading hit backspace and breathe easy

opinionated -#AtoZChallenge 

opin·ion·at·ed\-yə-ˌnā-təd\ adjective expressing strong beliefs or judgments about something having or showing strong opinions I am often told that I like to argue but I don't. I'm just very much interested in getting my point across. That's all. I also like to have the last word and I'm a bit of a know-it-all (it's not … Continue reading opinionated -#AtoZChallenge 

One Liner Wednesday: I’m done, have fun

It was my friend's birthday this week but I haven't spoken to her since October. It was a conscious decision but one that was also due to the fact that I was busy. In all of that time, I've not heard from her. Usually, I email her for her birthday but I didn't want to … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday: I’m done, have fun

Friendship Limbo 

[This post was x-posted on My Trending Stories here] Christmas is approaching and I find myself thinking about a friend of mine. We have been friends for years, although, there have been a few ups and downs. Now, every year we exchange birthday and Christmas presents. In fact, I picked up something for her in … Continue reading Friendship Limbo 

Arguing used to be fun

This post doubles as both a response to the 'Argument' prompt via Daily Prompt: Argument and the 'Hard Learned Lesson' prompt on the October Writing Challenge I'm doing. I'm also going to try and come at this topic from a snarky perspective because I didn't want Hip To Be Snark to be too serious, so I am … Continue reading Arguing used to be fun