This shouldn’t be happening

Interesting article here about how some girls in Korea are forced to use insoles as sanitary products.  Let's be real, given that females do not choose to have periods, products should always be affordable or given to those who cannot afford them.  The price of these things are ridiculous. We will have to buy them, hence why companies … Continue reading This shouldn’t be happening


Social Media Could Be What’s Making You Feel Lonely

It's the weekend! Anyway, I read this article on Lifehacker and it rang true for me. Social media was designed to connect all of us but at times, it seems like it does the opposite.  Sometimes I would go on it and wonder why I wasn't doing the same things and why everyone seems to have … Continue reading Social Media Could Be What’s Making You Feel Lonely

And it just gets better

6. An illegitimate executive order was passed. Trump’s latest executive order bans federal government agencies from issuing a new regulation without eliminating two existing ones. Such an order is “not a legitimate use of presidential authority,” a policy-making expert told Quartz. Federal agencies are empowered with making regulations through statutes passed by Congress. Quote taken … Continue reading And it just gets better