The Awkward Chronicles #4

Written 23rd September - this is the first of three posts. I will post the others over the next couple of days.  #4 Dear Snarkings, Once again, Awkward Manager returned. I didn't say anything to him because I was already in a weird mood. After he walked past me a million times, I happened to … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #4


the compliment that never was

Awkward Manager again. I am yet to determine why he's so awkward. Genetics probably.  Anyway, so today, he came up to me and I have no idea what he was saying. He speaks kind of quietly, so all I heard was mumbling. My mind processed that as I like your scarf and I thanked him.  … Continue reading the compliment that never was

awkward hand

It's 1am and Bob McDoofus is already annoying me. Everyone else on Instagram was being cool and then I get to him and I was like no.  I think I might be the problem here.  Anyway, let me get back to the story at hand. Once again, Awkward Manager returned and he looked terrible. Weird … Continue reading awkward hand

making small talk and not talking at all

I hate making small talk but I've learned that it's one of those things that one has to do. I've been the awkward girl in the corner not saying anything and been the girl who just says things for the sake of it. As much as I hate (okay fine, sometimes dislike) people, the latter … Continue reading making small talk and not talking at all

The Awkward Chronicles #3

Dear Snarklings, Today marked the return of Awkward Manager, who is now speaking to me all of a sudden. He was very chatty. I've been told that he speaks like a normal person, but I've never actually seen it. I will also never be one of those people that he talks to. I'm too awkward, he's, well, … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #3

The Awkward Chronicles 1.5

Dear Snarklings, After the first post, I decided to do some follow up. By which I mean I asked someone point blank: Is it me of is Awkward Manager a bit weird? They agreed that he was.  I felt bad somewhat because I'm an undercover weirdo. I know how to disguise that shit. Poor Awkward Manager has not … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles 1.5

everyone is lying to me

So, I wore my new green bandana as a headband on Monday and this guy complimented me on it. I'm not really a puddle of goo kinda girl but he was cute and I was like okay then blush blush smile, looks away in embarrassment. And then someone started distracting me at that moment and … Continue reading everyone is lying to me