One-Liner Wednesday – Shoelaces…

Shout out to my 'favourite' person at work. I hope that one day you overcome your chronic confusion and weirdness.  One-Liner Wednesday entries and deets here. 


monday musings

By musings, I mean vent.  I have another post about Awkward Manager coming up but today he frustrated me beyond belief. First, he came over to me. No hello, just you're doing this and after a certain time, you're on your own. Fine. That's the usual rude way we start off the day.  Next he … Continue reading monday musings

The Awkward Chronicles #7

I last posted five days ago? Diggity damn. I have a lot to say, I'm just busy because of work and other things. I still love you all. Lol! Anyway...You know what time it is... #AwkChro time! Yeah, I hashtagged this shit. Written 6th December So, two weeks ago he touched my arm, told me … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #7

The Awkward Chronicles #6

21st Nov 2017 Finally all caught up!  I have #4 and #5 to post and they should be up before I post this one. I have posted little bits in between, but I figured I'd return back to the series. Anyway, so, yes. I can't remember what I wrote last but currently things veer from … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #6

space invaders

I have this long post coming up on people needing to keep their hands to themselves and ironically, I mentioned my Awkward Manager (for those of you that don't know - manager at work that used to make me SUPER uncomfortable except now it's better but still very awkward) and how he generally refrained from … Continue reading space invaders

The Awkward Chronicles #4

Written 23rd September - this is the first of three posts. I will post the others over the next couple of days.  #4 Dear Snarkings, Once again, Awkward Manager returned. I didn't say anything to him because I was already in a weird mood. After he walked past me a million times, I happened to … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #4

the compliment that never was

Awkward Manager again. I am yet to determine why he's so awkward. Genetics probably.  Anyway, so today, he came up to me and I have no idea what he was saying. He speaks kind of quietly, so all I heard was mumbling. My mind processed that as I like your scarf and I thanked him.  … Continue reading the compliment that never was