The Awkward Chronicles #9

The Awkward Chronicles are part of the year of snark unfortunately. It wouldn't be me if there wasn't some awkward shit happening on daily basis. 30th December 2017 Did I pass the friend test? I was at work when someone literally called me over. I went over and she was basically saying that another person … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #9


The Awkward Chronicles #5

This post was originally written in October. I like that I keep a record of all of the awkward shit that happens to me. It feels right.  Dear Snarklings, Awkward Manager returned this week and well, it was interesting.  First of all, still no hello. I don't know why that's a hang up of mine, … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #5

back the fudge up 

My legs hurt so badly right now. I have a major headache. I am running on two hours of sleep. I will not be sleeping for some time.  That's not really important.  Awkward Manager got me again. It's three for three. This time, we had some normal interactions. I was nodding. He still does that … Continue reading back the fudge up 

awkward hand

It's 1am and Bob McDoofus is already annoying me. Everyone else on Instagram was being cool and then I get to him and I was like no.  I think I might be the problem here.  Anyway, let me get back to the story at hand. Once again, Awkward Manager returned and he looked terrible. Weird … Continue reading awkward hand

when someone makes you uncomfortable

I have spoken about Awkward Manager before but I feel like my uncomfortableness around him is just getting worse, and also it's becoming really obvious that I have no issue talking with anyone else, but I do with him. Now, this issue stems from way back when I first saw him. This dude would give me weird looks … Continue reading when someone makes you uncomfortable

The Awkward Chronicles #3

Dear Snarklings, Today marked the return of Awkward Manager, who is now speaking to me all of a sudden. He was very chatty. I've been told that he speaks like a normal person, but I've never actually seen it. I will also never be one of those people that he talks to. I'm too awkward, he's, well, … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #3

The Awkward Chronicles #2

Dear Snarklings, It was a warm Thursday evening when I ventured outside. I took my usual route and was just approaching a rail bridge when I spotted two individuals who appeared to be... inebriated. One in particular seemed to have decided to air himself out. His trousers were down, bare ass on show. He seemed … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #2