Turn Up

Today’s Daily Prompt is volume and I’m going to tackle it in the literal sense. 
Sometimes I like to turn my music up high and really blast it. Now, as someone who gets headaches easily it isn’t wise. However, as someone who likes to block out all necessary noise it’s a must. 

I have something that we call misophonia, so background noise is real irritating to me. All of that every day chatter can be fine one day and painful the next. Loud conversations physical disturb me. Loud chewing. All of that. So I use volume as a shield. And also because I’d be lost without music. I am more of a headphones than a blast music via speakers girl. 

I live for those moments when I get excited by a song I’ve heard a million times before but still feel compelled to turn it up. It’s the small things in life, people. My personal earphone concerts have worked wonders for me over the years. 

Case in point: the most effective way for me to clean is to play my 80-song Backstreet Boys playlist. I turn it up and boom, two hours later, everything is much cleaner than it was before. 

I’m also one of those people that focuses by blasting music. I’ve had countless people tell me that they need silence but silence is bad for me. It gives me too much time to get lost in my own head and daydream. 

The music acts as a barrier and blocks out any outside noise. 

That’s the most important part. 

Forgive me for wanting a little specificity

So, at work I’m often asked for things. That’s fine. I am there to help people to acquire said things. However, what would help is if they figured out what they actually wanted before coming to me. I can’t help you locate that yellow thing that you can draw and write with, but I can help you locate a pencil. Continue reading “Forgive me for wanting a little specificity”

As long as there’ll be politics, Hillary will be coming back again

This is based on stuff that I’ve read so if I’m wrong or have facts mixed up, feel free to bestow the truth upon me.


I do have to admit that my post on Trump got me interested in actually reading about both candidates and figuring out why the US seems to be on the verge of appointing a man who has been a reality TV star for almost a decade. Something educational (kinda) has come out of me mocking Jared Padalecki! He’s good for something after all.

Continue reading “As long as there’ll be politics, Hillary will be coming back again”