What’s In My Bag?

Do you remember those magazine articles back in the day when a celebrity would list suspiciously specific items that they supposedly carried everywhere with them. Kind of like how Hillary Clinton claimed she carried hot sauce everywhere with her. Isn't she worried about the lid popping off and hot sauce flying everywhere? Please, Hillary, girl. … Continue reading What’s In My Bag?


The Awkward Chronicles #3

Dear Snarklings, Today marked the return of Awkward Manager, who is now speaking to me all of a sudden. He was very chatty. I've been told that he speaks like a normal person, but I've never actually seen it. I will also never be one of those people that he talks to. I'm too awkward, he's, well, … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #3

How To Write An Unpopular Blog

Unpopular is defined as:  Not popular or liked I have about 120 followers and I've had this blog for a year.  Does that make me unpopular? I don't know.  Eventually, I'm going to give up on it. Probably. I'm sure something will happen in my life and I'll just stop posting. Or maybe I'll start … Continue reading How To Write An Unpopular Blog

I’m the maybe-girl

Written for the Daily Prompt found here I have a penchant for forgetting things. I forget people, names, tasks, things people tell me. Conversations. I forget but I don't forget. It's weird.  I have a penchant for being clumsy. Like yesterday when I grabbed my hairdryer and the clip on comb fell out of the box … Continue reading I’m the maybe-girl

pain without love | Random Thoughts #44

Here we go again Fresh off his realisation that life means more than posting random shit on Instagram, Bob is back to posting random shit on Instagram. Today it's a clip of him lifting 'super manly' weights. Why did he feel it necessary to post this? I don't know. I'm curious as to how he … Continue reading pain without love | Random Thoughts #44

smoothies can be the enemy | Random Thoughts #43

Give me a break This week has already been a shit show, I'm telling you. It's getting steadily worse. I have no idea who I've offended. I am a naturally unlucky person, I don't need this shit. Maybe this is ongoing karma for judging Bob? He was singing along to a song today and instead … Continue reading smoothies can be the enemy | Random Thoughts #43

happiness doesn’t exist | unplugged #4

Today's Unplugged is all about saying the things I never say I think going through life knowing that you're a disappointment is both good and bad. No, hear me out. Good in the sense that you can fuck up every now and then and it's normal. Wait. That's bad. Anyway. My life is a series … Continue reading happiness doesn’t exist | unplugged #4