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You’re so buff, I bet you think this post is about you

When I was young buff didn’t mean muscly, or steroid abuse, it meant hot. Scores of girls would pore over various boys and declare them to be ‘so buff’. To us that was the real meaning of the word. I’m sure some of the novel around that time aimed at giggling preteens will include buff. How dated it will seem now. These days I can barely keep up with the vernacular. 

It doesn’t help that for non-Americans, we have to keep up with our own words as well as whatever’s popular in the US. Although, Americans were late on the ‘sick’ being something good train. 

Luckily for me, whoever runs Urban Dictionary has kept it up all these years. It’s made me appear far more savvy than I actually am. 

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Thank God That The Weekend Is Finally Here

I am so tired. I am tired for reasons but those reasons can fudge off right now. All I want to do is eat chocolate. Sleep. Sleep. And more sleep. One of these days I may try and do something fun on my weekend but no. I’m gonna watch TV and be my usual snarky self. -clink-

Actually, the snark-o-meter is broken this week. I actually cried my way through an episode of television this morning. Like, for forty odd minutes I was just welling up. The episode content was sad but I generally don’t cry over TV. Those reasons really need to fudge off. 

Yay, happy endings!