do you have a best friend?

I don't consider myself to have a best friend these days. I have good friends. Although, they are mostly distant these days. My fault because for a year I had a phone that was useless and then I became useless.  I am trying to reflect on myself after the demise of a ten year friendship. … Continue reading do you have a best friend?


Eff That Noise (1)

*strong language ahead* Welcome to Fuck That Noise, in which I am going to rant about everything annoying me in the hopes that I will get over it. I am in a horrible mood and when I'm in a bad mood two things happen - no appetite, no social inhibitions. Mostly because I'm so annoyed … Continue reading Eff That Noise (1)

The Awkward Chronicles #4

Written 23rd September - this is the first of three posts. I will post the others over the next couple of days.  #4 Dear Snarkings, Once again, Awkward Manager returned. I didn't say anything to him because I was already in a weird mood. After he walked past me a million times, I happened to … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #4

song lyric sunday – long lost feeling

This week's theme is growing old. I recently discovered this song and it resonated with me because I do miss a long lost feeling. Being a kid, having no responsibility and not knowing how much fucked up shit there is in the world.  Sometimes I wonder why I ever thought growing older would be a good … Continue reading song lyric sunday – long lost feeling

#58 | eff that noise

I just pulled my third all nighter in five day. My body cannot handle much more. To make matters worse, it's freezing. Still, I will update you on my life.  Writing is hard I just wrote a whole article in one sitting. My body is like a pretzel. Probably not the best way to do … Continue reading #58 | eff that noise

Open Letters #9-10

Full challenge here.  Day 9: A letter to your parents Dear Parents,  I'd hate to be all like you've ruined my life but you kind of have. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the sacrifices that you made. I'm grateful that we always had food on the table. I'm grateful that we always had … Continue reading Open Letters #9-10