Welcome all. Apparently the freezing cold weather hasn't been for nothing. We officially have snow in the UK... yaay? I'm not going to knock snow but it's pointless when you're not in school or if it snows over the weekend. Life still goes on. It's still fucking freezing. Residential areas are still a bitch to … Continue reading #61


Random Thoughts #59

I've never heard you swear LOL. Someone said this to me and I was just thinking oh thank God. On Sunday, I was so annoyed at work that I was just swearing and dropping f-bombs like someone had given me five minutes to tell Donald Trump what I think about him. I felt bad and … Continue reading Random Thoughts #59

#58 | eff that noise

I just pulled my third all nighter in five day. My body cannot handle much more. To make matters worse, it's freezing. Still, I will update you on my life.  Writing is hard I just wrote a whole article in one sitting. My body is like a pretzel. Probably not the best way to do … Continue reading #58 | eff that noise

awkward hand

It's 1am and Bob McDoofus is already annoying me. Everyone else on Instagram was being cool and then I get to him and I was like no.  I think I might be the problem here.  Anyway, let me get back to the story at hand. Once again, Awkward Manager returned and he looked terrible. Weird … Continue reading awkward hand

#57 | chocolate stained pillows 

Random Thoughts #57 What a week, man. What a week. I have been slacking with EVERYTHING. Messages. Emails. My daily Harmsworth gifs. Everything.  Even Bob, but never fear... It was Halloween this week so I didn't even bother with Bob McDoofus that day, but I saw enough to see that he had several costumes for … Continue reading #57 | chocolate stained pillows 

#55 | a cakeless day 

I am starting my Random Thoughts on Friday because I forgot. Usually, I create the post on Monday and add to it. Does that mean that my head is empty? Probably. Actually, I think it's because Bob McDoofus has been sort of quiet. It's mostly been pictures. He was also playing golf. Getting excited that … Continue reading #55 | a cakeless day