Random Thoughts #67

It's been a while! I was just reading through some of the old ones and cracking up. Ah. I amuse myself at least.  Bob posted some videos of his commercial, or promotion a clothing line. It was very horsey and ~deep, yet ultimately pointless (to me). It didn't make me want to buy the clothes because they … Continue reading Random Thoughts #67


a very big choice

Y'all remember Bob McDoofus, right? He's the pretty Instagram model/actor that I followed extensively as part of a social media experiment. By experiment, I mean that I thought he was pretty and I decided to explore that. I documented his comings and goings in my Random Thoughts posts.  What I discovered was a ridiculous human … Continue reading a very big choice


Hi guys! This isn't the update I promised, but here are this weeks Random Thoughts! I didn't really check in on him this week.  He still mostly posts pictures of himself in case you were wondering. He's still boring.  Sooooo boring. I just watched a bunch of videos of him and his girlfriend. No idea … Continue reading #62


Welcome all. Apparently the freezing cold weather hasn't been for nothing. We officially have snow in the UK... yaay? I'm not going to knock snow but it's pointless when you're not in school or if it snows over the weekend. Life still goes on. It's still fucking freezing. Residential areas are still a bitch to … Continue reading #61