Random Thoughts #66 

1. Awkward Manager of  The Awkward Chronicles was less weird this week. Thank God. Probably because I wasn't around him much and vice versa. There were some awkward moments, obviously, because I'm me and he's awkward, but what can you do. Don't think I have to deal with him for a while now. YAY!  You know … Continue reading Random Thoughts #66 


#64 | research & discover

Welcome back to Random Thoughts, wherein I ramble about random shit.  Once again, we shall begin with... For those of y'all that don't know, Bob McDonut is a person that I follow on Instagram. I judge him because he makes it hard for me not to. I know Esther is somewhere saying 'Ha, she's still … Continue reading #64 | research & discover

#63: A Very McDoofus Christmas 

Hello snarklings! So....I think Bob McDoofus will most likely be left behind in 2017, but for old times sake, here is the Christmas edition. This also doubles as the 63rd Random Thoughts post.  Reuuuunited and it feels soooo..... much like the last eight months. Cringe.  First, he was bitching about traffic and Christmas lights. Apparently … Continue reading #63: A Very McDoofus Christmas 


Hi guys! This isn't the update I promised, but here are this weeks Random Thoughts! I didn't really check in on him this week.  He still mostly posts pictures of himself in case you were wondering. He's still boring.  Sooooo boring. I just watched a bunch of videos of him and his girlfriend. No idea … Continue reading #62


Welcome all. Apparently the freezing cold weather hasn't been for nothing. We officially have snow in the UK... yaay? I'm not going to knock snow but it's pointless when you're not in school or if it snows over the weekend. Life still goes on. It's still fucking freezing. Residential areas are still a bitch to … Continue reading #61

Random Thoughts #59

I've never heard you swear LOL. Someone said this to me and I was just thinking oh thank God. On Sunday, I was so annoyed at work that I was just swearing and dropping f-bombs like someone had given me five minutes to tell Donald Trump what I think about him. I felt bad and … Continue reading Random Thoughts #59