One-Liner Wednesday – Ideas At 3am

Ideas that seemed like good ones at 3am ...otherwise known as the title of my future autobiography. 😂 To take part in One-Liner Wednesday, have a gander over here!


quirks – #AtoZChallenge

I'm so behind! I think people are on S, or T and anyway, whatever. I'm fashionably late, okay. Today's word is quirks 1. I only drink hot water. Yes. Hot water. Occasionally I do drink cold water but only if it was piping hot first. I really don't like cold water. It's just. Tasteless. I … Continue reading quirks – #AtoZChallenge

Day 23 – 30 | Gratitude Challenge

This is my last post for the Gratitude Challenge. I said I'd be positive and do it for Lent, and I have! 23. Peace 25. Intention Sometimes, people do have good intentions but they go about in the wrong way. From a gratitude perspective, I guess it's good to have someone that cares. However, sometimes, … Continue reading Day 23 – 30 | Gratitude Challenge

Love. Accomplish. Passion. 

Days 19 - 22 | Gratitude Challenge I have nine more days to complete before FRIDAY. WHAT. There will be a long one tomorrow. Or today. I'm just gonna go with pictures for this one. And one word.  19. Something that fills me with love Easy. CHOCOLATE.  20. Something I accomplished today I got out of … Continue reading Love. Accomplish. Passion. 

(I)nconsiderate – #AtoZChallenge

in·con·sid·er·ate\ˌin-kən-ˈsi-d(ə-)rət\ adjective : not thinking about the rights and feelings of other people : not considerate Inconsiderate people are the worst kind. From the impatient person behind you who refuses to consider that something is keeping your from moving fast. They push past you only to end up getting in the way when they can’t … Continue reading (I)nconsiderate – #AtoZChallenge

(H)ealth – #AtoZChallenge

It feels like there's always some ailment that I'm struck by. Headaches. Back pain. Muscle strain. Random bruises. Itchy eyes. The flu. That nasty cough. Constant tiredness. Each issue bleeds into the next and forms a vicious cycle that never seem to end. Apparently, this is what being an adult is like. Popping enough pain … Continue reading (H)ealth – #AtoZChallenge