one-liner wednesday • 09/05/18

I just realised that Wednesday passed me by. Anyway, my one liner is going to be something aimed at myself. I am weak, y'all. Weak! Weaaaaaaaaak. All my life, I've had this 'I'll grow out of it' mantra and it's failed me miserably.  Miserably. I didn't grow out of anxiety. I'm still dealing with that good for nothing … Continue reading one-liner wednesday • 09/05/18


5 reasons why I fail at being an adult

1. I have no idea how to dress properly Case in point: I actually left my house with my shirt inside out without realising.  It was my favourite shirt, which is worrying, you'd think I'd know what it looks like the right way around. I didn't realise until I was in the supermarket. At first, … Continue reading 5 reasons why I fail at being an adult