birthday blues

It's my birthday today. 20th October to be exact. I somehow hit publish without realising. I'm gonna schedule it again for midnight now because I can't be trusted.  Anyway, yeah, birthday schmirthday.  Wooooooooo-wheeeeee! I am not a big fan of birthdays.  When I turned... Let's just say, 21, I was by myself. It was an … Continue reading birthday blues


have a nice day

Dear Snarklings, I just want to wish everyone a good day, evening, morning, afternoon or whatever it is where you are. Martians - if you exist, this one goes out to you too.  I hope that your day doesn't suck and that don't you don't get run over by any tearaway cyclists or cut off … Continue reading have a nice day

Life sucks and then you die | Random Thoughts #46

Last week's ramblings.  This was a good week Seriously. I actually had a good week. I am shocked too. There is a lot that I didn't do that I'm silently beating myself up for but at the same time, I ignored Bob (to my new followers, Bob is some poor helpless, slightly narcissistic guy that … Continue reading Life sucks and then you die | Random Thoughts #46

One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable This is more positive than usual but I just spent an hour laughing to myself at hurricane and earthquake innuendo* (and then feeling bad because hello people are dealing with this in real life ugh). I can't afford to be pessimistic right now.  *Basically it was FX effects in my video editing … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

mother nature needs a nice cup of camomile tea | Random Thoughts #46

Weekend ramblings Mother Nature Damn. We've had Irma. Harvey. Jose. The earthquake in Mexico. It's crazy. Can we get Mother Nature a cup of camomile tea and some heavy duty sedatives? Pls. I feel bad for complaining about rain that I wasn't even in. I got lucky this week.  I hope everyone in the affected … Continue reading mother nature needs a nice cup of camomile tea | Random Thoughts #46

everyone is lying to me

So, I wore my new green bandana as a headband on Monday and this guy complimented me on it. I'm not really a puddle of goo kinda girl but he was cute and I was like okay then blush blush smile, looks away in embarrassment. And then someone started distracting me at that moment and … Continue reading everyone is lying to me