Popularity is overrated

popular: the state of being liked, enjoyed, accepted, or done by a large number of people : the quality or state of being popular This was the Daily Prompt for today and rather than write a brand new post, I've decided to go with some self-promotion. So folks, here's a link to my post on how to avoid popularity in … Continue reading Popularity is overrated


I’m the maybe-girl

Written for the Daily Prompt found here I have a penchant for forgetting things. I forget people, names, tasks, things people tell me. Conversations. I forget but I don't forget. It's weird.  I have a penchant for being clumsy. Like yesterday when I grabbed my hairdryer and the clip on comb fell out of the box … Continue reading I’m the maybe-girl

Without A Trace

People always leave you alone when you need someone.  Or they bother you when you want to be left alone. Some kind of invisibility shield is in order. Disappear without trace.  Reappear like you never left.  Tap out of an unbearable situation Tap into something unmissable  Tune into an interesting conversation Fade out of noisy … Continue reading Without A Trace

You’re so buff, I bet you think this post is about you

When I was young buff didn't mean muscly, or steroid abuse, it meant hot. Scores of girls would pore over various boys and declare them to be 'so buff'. To us that was the real meaning of the word. I'm sure some of the novel around that time aimed at giggling preteens will include buff. … Continue reading You’re so buff, I bet you think this post is about you