fiction friday

“God knows I never meant to hurt you…I never meant take it that far…” Written for last week's #marquessachallenge! I was inspired and then I... got busy and forgot. Story of my life.  It wasn't the most ideal situation. Here I was, at my sister's engagement party and John, my boyfriend of two years,  had picked … Continue reading fiction friday


rain and I were friends [short story]

It was pouring down with rain.  That was the least surprising part of my funeral.  It rained the day I was born.  It rained on my wedding day (and that was ironic because the marriage lasted all of three days).  It even rained the day I got my first job.  Hell, it rained the day … Continue reading rain and I were friends [short story]

Excuse me, miss 

I've already blogged about an incident that occurred between me and a friend of mine. She apologised and I reluctantly accepted. And that's it. Except, no, it isn't. If I have to force an apology from someone then it's not okay. And like I said in the linked post, I could buy that the initial … Continue reading Excuse me, miss 

Forgiveness is kind of strange.

Forgiveness is strange. We either vow to forgive somebody someday or we forgive quietly without even realising. I reached out to a former friend this week to say something that I needed to. I kept it brief and didn't ask how they were specifically because I didn't want to know. I wanted to say my … Continue reading Forgiveness is kind of strange.

Friendship Limbo 

[This post was x-posted on My Trending Stories here] Christmas is approaching and I find myself thinking about a friend of mine. We have been friends for years, although, there have been a few ups and downs. Now, every year we exchange birthday and Christmas presents. In fact, I picked up something for her in … Continue reading Friendship Limbo 

Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism

Apparently, there's no such thing as racism in countries where it has merely been exposed to them! EXPOSED I TELL YOU! Anyway, the situation I'm about to describe happened a few months ago. I'll apologise now if anything I say after this point offends anyone, although, if it does, it says more about the offended … Continue reading Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism