sweet home a la drama [fiction]

So, I set myself a goal. Find a prompt. Write a story. Post it. This is what I came up with: Every six months, my parents like to gather everyone up. Aunties. Uncles. Cousins. That one ex-boyfriend that just became one of the family. They hire a restaurant, tell us to bring whoever we like … Continue reading sweet home a la drama [fiction]


a day of sheer misery| Angry Thoughts #2

Technically, these aren't angry thoughts, more this is life thoughts. But someone was angry at me so... It counts? Birthdays in my family are fucked up. When I was younger, it was more of a fun and friend filled affair, sometimes other family. Life happened and we became this tiny unit cut off from everyone … Continue reading a day of sheer misery| Angry Thoughts #2

clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]

Written for Prompt #44 (below) - from this post The maid is not a maid, the house is not a home ~ My life isn't what I'd call conventional. It's okay, it's good, whatever people define as not bad. I live in a huge house. By huge, I mean, huge. There's ten bedrooms, probably more … Continue reading clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]

08. Family & Friends

Day 8 of my Gratitude challenge (yeah, I'm making up for slacking!).  Can't live without 'em, can't live with 'em in 100℅ harmonious peace but it beats being alone, right?  Friends are cool too. They aight. Sometimes I expect too much from mine but the ones that have my back will always have a special place in my … Continue reading 08. Family & Friends

30 day flash fiction challenge (day twenty)

I will make a page with these on soon. For myself mostly but whatever. I'm jokingly calling this challenge Scenes Of A Dave-ious Nature. Here's Day 20. Dave's predicament ends on a strange note. One minute he's on the floor and the next, he's struggling to get out of bed on account of the fully … Continue reading 30 day flash fiction challenge (day twenty)