#3words1story 015

{previous entries here} rice ~ fit ~ umbrella It took me three months to realise that my roommate wasn't going anywhere. That meant that I was going to have charge him rent and utilities because my bills were going up in tandem with my blood pressure. That guy ran through electricity faster than Usain Bolt … Continue reading #3words1story 015


#3words1story #010 ❤

In which I post three words and turn them into one story. Feel free to join in.  muscle grandmother sack I'm not really sure why I agreed to date a total stranger on Valentine's Day. Wasn't this day supposed to be about people you love? It's not like I was going to fall for this … Continue reading #3words1story #010 ❤

whispers in my mind [fiction]

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of the year. Instead, I was slumped in my bed with cold pasta wondering where my damn fork had gone. Most people would have gone to get a new fork, but I only had the one on account of my recent move. I'd been in this apartment … Continue reading whispers in my mind [fiction]

keeping up with the days [fiction]

Writing has been so fleeting of late for me. I seem to write a huge chunk one day and then nothing for weeks, months... meh. I am trying to write regularly at least, particularly original pieces so that I'm inspired to finish my book (pysche).  Prompt: Describe the days of the week as if they're … Continue reading keeping up with the days [fiction]

who am I? [three]

One / Two / Three ​After we left the diner, we walked around for a while. It was chilly outside and in my haste, I'd only grabbed a light jacket. He noticed and he smiled slightly. “Do you want my coat?” I let out an indignant huff and said, “I'm not a damsel in distress.” He simply laughed … Continue reading who am I? [three]

who am i? {part two}

part one is here. ~ We went to a hole in the wall diner. I ordered a soy latte (and got a black coffee with powdered milk for my trouble). He got a burger with extra onions. He hadn't answered my question yet and I was becoming impatient. Now wasn't the time for burgers. I'd barely … Continue reading who am i? {part two}