who am I? [short story*]

"I saved your life!" His eyes were wide with something akin to excitement.  "You pushed me off a building." My eyes were narrowed with irritation and extreme discomfort.  It wasn't an ideal situation.  For one, every single muscle in my body was protesting badly even though we'd (luckily) landed on an old mattress. It wasn't … Continue reading who am I? [short story*]


should have studied law {flash fiction}

Look, I'll be honest, I'm not a good superhero. And I'm not just saying that because I had to call the NYPD to rescue me after a rather dangerous mission.  "Excuse me, I was a superhero for ten whole minutes," I protest weakly when they all but drag me into interrogation.  The old burly detective … Continue reading should have studied law {flash fiction}

scorpion scar {flash fiction}

There's a scar on my chin, right under the center, at the bottom. It looks like a scorpion and feels like a raised ridge.  I tell everyone it makes me feel like a badass, but really it makes me feel like a battle axe.  The story goes that I got into a bar fight. Jim … Continue reading scorpion scar {flash fiction}

crushed {flash fiction}

Why am I always writing about weddings or people who want to get married? I don't want either of those things at the moment, lol. Unless my conscience is trying to tell me something! 😂 - There's a glint in the distance, gleaming bright. She creeps forward, her heart beginning to race with anticipation. It's … Continue reading crushed {flash fiction}

30 day flash fiction challenge | day 13

Someone's life takes on a new meaning when they discover an unusual tree. Dave has never been the most adventurous guy. When his friends were hanging around at bars and fast food joints, he was playing video games and armed with text books in a bedroom that probably smelt like farts and cheese puffs. On … Continue reading 30 day flash fiction challenge | day 13

30 day flash fiction challenge (day twenty)

I will make a page with these on soon. For myself mostly but whatever. I'm jokingly calling this challenge Scenes Of A Dave-ious Nature. Here's Day 20. Dave's predicament ends on a strange note. One minute he's on the floor and the next, he's struggling to get out of bed on account of the fully … Continue reading 30 day flash fiction challenge (day twenty)

30 day flash fiction challenge (day nine)

This can be read alone but also kind of go together with Day 1 and 18. Day 1 > Day 18 > Day 9 There are many reasons why Dave could have been kidnapped. The pet goldfish that he accidentally overfed. The cute redhead he glared at after she almost trampled him with her bicycle. … Continue reading 30 day flash fiction challenge (day nine)