guilty all the same

You remember Good Friend from the last Awkward Chronicles?  Well, I decided to keep my distance. I keep saying that I have a bad poker face but maybe it's really bad because I think she detected something right away.  First, I saw her and I didn't stop for her. She sort of followed me and at … Continue reading guilty all the same


The Awkward Chronicles #13: of guilt and bus stations

I AM SO TIRED.  Just thought I'd let you know that. Okay so, before we start, I feel like I need to give these people names. Or remind you who I'm talking about.  The blogging may not always be constant, but the awkwardness is. Always.  AM = Awkward Manager, who is a an awkward manager … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #13: of guilt and bus stations

The Awkward Chronicles #9

The Awkward Chronicles are part of the year of snark unfortunately. It wouldn't be me if there wasn't some awkward shit happening on daily basis. 30th December 2017 Did I pass the friend test? I was at work when someone literally called me over. I went over and she was basically saying that another person … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #9


Welcome all. Apparently the freezing cold weather hasn't been for nothing. We officially have snow in the UK... yaay? I'm not going to knock snow but it's pointless when you're not in school or if it snows over the weekend. Life still goes on. It's still fucking freezing. Residential areas are still a bitch to … Continue reading #61

being antisocial

Something terrible has happened.  I was added to a work group chat.  This is awful. I pride myself on being the kind of person who only has multiple group chats with the same person. Yes, singular. I am also not the kind of person that one adds to group chats. I don't talk to anyone. I … Continue reading being antisocial

what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37

What's the point? I started this blog almost a year ago. It was an outlet because I could feel myself falling into a slump. I couldn't crawl my way out of it and I thought that blogging would help. It did. At first.  Now, it's gotten too much. The constant urge to update regularly, the way … Continue reading what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37