How To Lose Friends

I seem to have a bad track record with friends. Probably because I'm not someone who lies or tries to hide how they feel. I am also opinionated and won't be shut up by anyone. Still, losing good friends isn't fun, but I just haven't worked out that whole friend thing yet it seems. I am … Continue reading How To Lose Friends


it feels like a volley #socs

This might be classified as a long read. Sorry.  A volley shot in football is one that is fast. Hard. Volley goals often come out of nowhere. Or they're curled around a wall. Over a wall. Through the wall. Sometimes they make it to the goal and over the line. Other times, they bit the … Continue reading it feels like a volley #socs

the friendship lottery

I believe that life is like a lottery. We play it each week and most of us lose. The minority win and get richer. That's basically it.  Friendship follows the same principle. I think if I could think of all of the friends I have that haven't let me down in some way that I've … Continue reading the friendship lottery

Hiding away from the world

You know, I used to be that girl who talked to everyone all the time, everywhere before I got burned out. I was trying to be too many things to too many people and in the end, I ran. I ran like someone just told me that they'd seen stacks of cash in the near … Continue reading Hiding away from the world

Dear Former Friend…

Dear Former Friend, Or rather, what's up bitch? Yeah, it's kind of like that. It's been over a year since we first got into an argument over something that actually matters for once. It's been over a year since we more or less stopped speaking. That's a shame. No, really, it is. I still think … Continue reading Dear Former Friend…

Weathering The Storm

Does the weather reflect our mood? Definitely. This week it's been hot and muggy. It's rained. There have been storms. There's been sun. It's like, a catalogue of weather conditions.  Much like the weather this week, my mood has been all over the place.  I had a completely alien thought a few days ago. I … Continue reading Weathering The Storm