whispers in my mind [fiction]

Today was supposed to be the happiest day of the year. Instead, I was slumped in my bed with cold pasta wondering where my damn fork had gone. Most people would have gone to get a new fork, but I only had the one on account of my recent move. I'd been in this apartment … Continue reading whispers in my mind [fiction]


How To Lose Friends

I seem to have a bad track record with friends. Probably because I'm not someone who lies or tries to hide how they feel. I am also opinionated and won't be shut up by anyone. Still, losing good friends isn't fun, but I just haven't worked out that whole friend thing yet it seems. I am … Continue reading How To Lose Friends

it feels like a volley #socs

This might be classified as a long read. Sorry.  A volley shot in football is one that is fast. Hard. Volley goals often come out of nowhere. Or they're curled around a wall. Over a wall. Through the wall. Sometimes they make it to the goal and over the line. Other times, they bit the … Continue reading it feels like a volley #socs

the friendship lottery

I believe that life is like a lottery. We play it each week and most of us lose. The minority win and get richer. That's basically it.  Friendship follows the same principle. I think if I could think of all of the friends I have that haven't let me down in some way that I've … Continue reading the friendship lottery

Hiding away from the world

You know, I used to be that girl who talked to everyone all the time, everywhere before I got burned out. I was trying to be too many things to too many people and in the end, I ran. I ran like someone just told me that they'd seen stacks of cash in the near … Continue reading Hiding away from the world

Dear Former Friend…

Dear Former Friend, Or rather, what's up bitch? Yeah, it's kind of like that. It's been over a year since we first got into an argument over something that actually matters for once. It's been over a year since we more or less stopped speaking. That's a shame. No, really, it is. I still think … Continue reading Dear Former Friend…