don’t let them get to you

Thursday 16th August Don't let them get to you. You know who 'they' are, and so do they. You also know that your mission is easier said than done, especially when whomever you're up against knows exactly what to do to make your life miserable. Hang tough, though. If you give in and get nasty, … Continue reading don’t let them get to you


So this happened…

This post was originally titled 'how unfortunate'. Alright, before you read this: skim this post & this one.  Maybe this one.  Up to date? Well, after last week, I had this weird feeling in my gut. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I kept coming back to a comment I made to my friend about Dumb-Dumb. I just felt … Continue reading So this happened…


via Word of the Day Apparently, resplendent means something that dazzles, glitters and is pleasing to the eye.  Like Chris Hemsworth. Who is not pictured above because it was easier just to get a stock photo. I'm a terrible future (highly optimistic) wife.  For some reason this has me thinking about attractiveness.  I typically don't really … Continue reading resplendent