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5 Things That I’d Like To Replace Right Now

Another day, another list.

  1. The UK Prime Minister because, well. Just look at news. 
  2. The entire Republican Congress and the man of the hour, Trump. I am tired of hearing about their nonsense. 
  3. My underwear collection because I need something new. New (ish) year, new me, right?
  4. My bed. I need one that has a headboard that I can use. It’s that or back pain which I will NEVER choose.
  5. I’d like to replace the nasty views of those people who seem to hate for no real reason. Racists, bigots, homophobes. I’d replace their misplaced anger with positivity. Lord knows that the world could use some right now. 

    Written for the prompt ‘Replacement‘.


    If I Could Embody Olivia Pope For A Day I Would…

    …rock some awesome pant suits. I mean, I might look chubby in them but whatever, I’d be a fixer. So…I would fix myself and then make out with the President. In my world the President is a Nick Carter that can hold an intelligent conversation.  Continue reading “If I Could Embody Olivia Pope For A Day I Would…”

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    Another Thankless Week

    Monday: Despair. Running around in circles.

    Tuesday: Same as Monday with the added bonus of a freak incident that probably scared me more than I want to admit. 
    Wednesday: The realisation that my employers probably wouldn’t give a shit if I lived or died. And yeah, I kind of knew that already, but it really sunk in on this day. I was also put on high alert by a new manager…he is currently on my must ignore because my brain cannot handle the uncomfortable list. This dude is everywhere and not in a good way. You would want a quarterback or star striker to be everywhere, not a creepy manager.

    : My Too Tired For This Bullshit mode was activated. Creepy manager kept trying to talk to me. I kept on nodding and hoping that he would go away. Which he did. After giving me an insurmountable task to complete…all while joking. 

    I wisely just said that I didn’t really want to do it but I didn’t argue about it. Naturally, I didn’t finish it. I was told to put it away and do something else. Can I just finish the damn tasks that you people are giving me? It’s like opening three different packets of cookies at once. They will eventually go stale because I can’t eat all three at once. Much like how the work is never finished and what happens is that I end up having to do it on another day. 

    Friday: In light of the above, Friday was always going to be hard. 

    My attitude was basically:

    It still is as of writing.


    Inspirational quotes kind of suck



    I’m not big on inspirational quotes. Seriously, they are like a bad Seth Rogen movie. There’s one joke that you can sort of laugh at and the rest are okay, but you’re already watching the movie so you automatically lower your standards.  Continue reading “Inspirational quotes kind of suck”

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    Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014


    Everybody has Netflix these days. Or some form of on-demand service. I have Amazon Prime Video right now but I won’t be renewing it for one simple reason – it’s inadvertently making me binge-watch. And fair enough, it’s easier to just watch it all in one go. Except, next thing you know it’s light outside and all you did was to sit down and decide to watch a couple of episodes. It’s a bit like the old Easter Egg conundrum. You eat half and save the other half for later but then you’re like, ‘Fuck it, I might as well eat all of it!’ Fair enough, we’re only human, right?


    Continue reading “Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014”