A to Z Challenge 2017

resting bitch face – #AtoZChallenge

Per Wikipedia:

Resting bitch face, also known as RBF or bitchy resting face, is a term for a facial expression (or lack thereof) which unintentionally appears angry, annoyed, irritated, or contemptuous, particularly when the individual is relaxed or not particularly expressing an emotion

Where do I start? I don’t smile. I don’t have a welcoming face. I often look grumpy, sad, miserable or a combination of the above. That is my face. I cannot help it. Please don’t ask me if I’m okay, or what’s wrong because chances are that I was fine before you insinuated that I wasn’t. At work, I have to physically prepare myself to fake smile at people. At least I’m getting paid for that. Other than that, if you’re not saying something that’s worth a smile, you’re not going to get one. If you’re not funny, you will get the blank stare. I used to think it made me look studious but apparently I skipped past that and landed on angry, miserable, sad, annoyed.

If that means that I have a bitch face, so be it. It’s social fractions. Some of us have open faces, some of us are always smiling. And then there’s the RBF crew. We look like we’re about to shave our heads and go all V for Vendetta but in reality, we’re just the same as everyone else. I’m approachable. I mean, you might get two words and awkward laughter from me but I won’t blank you. Unless you come up to me when my headphones are blatantly in. Why do people do that? You can see the wires. You can see that I’m not paying attention to you. Why not wait until I take the earphones out? 

The reasons behind my RBF are simple really, I’m usually lost in thought or I want to keep my expression neutral. I keep my expression neutral because I’m self-conscious. There you have it. I’d rather have a rigid, controlled facial expression than look crazy unintentionally. It’s not that big of a deal really. People tell me that I should smile more but…Maybe they should give me something to smile about. Like money. I will smile for money. 

Anyway, these days when people ask me what’s wrong, I just say that I’m tired and omit the part where I’m tired of being asked what’s wrong. I could sit down and tell people my problems but after five minutes their eyes will glaze over and they’ll realise that they didn’t care to begin with. 

So yeah, RBF s just my gace, people. Deal with it. Especially because….

In 2015 CBS News reported that some plastic surgeons were using plastic surgery to help women with RBF

… and really, that’s just not right. 

This post is sponsored by Scarlett O’Hara’s bitch face. 

Music, Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #4

Upon reaching a point of delirium at work:

Medicate the treatment? That doesn’t even make sense! Okay, this lyric has got to be wrong! How does one medicate the treatment? The treatment should already be medicated. In fact, the treatment is doing the medicating!

I often sing the wrong song lyrics to myself, but most of time, they make sense!

Double checked and that is the right lyric? Say what now?! 


Texture. Colour. Smells.

Days 12-14 of the gratitude challenge!

12. Texture

What now…okay, so. I’ve got nothing. I like the texture of…

I seriously have nothing. Uhm. Wait. CAKE. I like the texture of cake. Well, I like cake. And therefore, I like the texture of the sponge when it’s baked right. Particularly when it’s soft and light. And fluffy. I think I just described a body sponge but y’all know what I mean. 
I’m immensely grateful for cake. If I’m not married by 35, I’m gonna get hitched to a 33-tier Vanilla sponge. 

Something like this but BIGGER!

13. Smells

Baking. Fresh flowers. Shower gels. I like pretty smells. Simple ones. Our sense of smell is linked to our happiness in a way. We’re not happy when we smell something awful but something that smells great always makes us pause. It’s like a little pocket of happiness. A teeny, weeny one but one all the same! 

14. Colours

Red. Purple. PURPLE. I love green, red, black, blue but purple has my heart. I always buy purple accessories and everything. Everyone knows that purple is my thing. I don’t know. I feel like purple reflects who I am? That’s corny but that’s the only way I can describe it. I feel like I’m slightly better than those people who love pink. Purple is edgier, lol! I kid, I kid. I am grateful for purple because I love looking at it. All shades!