The Awkward Chronicles #4

Written 23rd September - this is the first of three posts. I will post the others over the next couple of days.  #4 Dear Snarkings, Once again, Awkward Manager returned. I didn't say anything to him because I was already in a weird mood. After he walked past me a million times, I happened to … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #4


sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind

I'm a nice person.  If I have something, I will share it with others.  That being said, there's always that one socially challenged (aka RUDE!) person that fucks everything up for everyone else. Case in point, I had mints and strawberry flavoured sweets. I offered up the mints because I only had a few strawberry … Continue reading sometimes it doesn’t pay to be kind

back the fudge up 

My legs hurt so badly right now. I have a major headache. I am running on two hours of sleep. I will not be sleeping for some time.  That's not really important.  Awkward Manager got me again. It's three for three. This time, we had some normal interactions. I was nodding. He still does that … Continue reading back the fudge up 

5 reasons why I fail at being an adult

1. I have no idea how to dress properly Case in point: I actually left my house with my shirt inside out without realising.  It was my favourite shirt, which is worrying, you'd think I'd know what it looks like the right way around. I didn't realise until I was in the supermarket. At first, … Continue reading 5 reasons why I fail at being an adult

the compliment that never was

Awkward Manager again. I am yet to determine why he's so awkward. Genetics probably.  Anyway, so today, he came up to me and I have no idea what he was saying. He speaks kind of quietly, so all I heard was mumbling. My mind processed that as I like your scarf and I thanked him.  … Continue reading the compliment that never was

How To Lose Friends

I seem to have a bad track record with friends. Probably because I'm not someone who lies or tries to hide how they feel. I am also opinionated and won't be shut up by anyone. Still, losing good friends isn't fun, but I just haven't worked out that whole friend thing yet it seems. I am … Continue reading How To Lose Friends

slimy pencil’s heck-no-ween party

First of all, there's no party.  ... just me munching away because I'm really hungry for some reason.  Secondly, I cannot stand Halloween.  It's mostly just an excuse for adults to act like idiots and waste perfectly good pumpkins for no reason. People spend months and months (okay, so weeks) preparing for some lame party. … Continue reading slimy pencil’s heck-no-ween party