Valentine’s Day is stupid

First things first, and because I'm not entirely miserable... Secondly, Valentine's Day is so stupid. I'm not even sure why it exists. To me, it's just another day. Being a loner means that things like Valentine's Day pass me by.  Literally, on Monday, someone was like, "Wednesday's close..." and I had no idea what they … Continue reading Valentine’s Day is stupid



I've never really got the whole knight in shining armour thing that certain storytellers try to sell their audiences. Sure, there's something about a guy turning up to save a damsel in distress that's somewhat appealing. Until you stop to consider what it really means. After that, you're kind of like, screw that, I'll fight … Continue reading knight.

Random Thoughts #66 

1. Awkward Manager of  The Awkward Chronicles was less weird this week. Thank God. Probably because I wasn't around him much and vice versa. There were some awkward moments, obviously, because I'm me and he's awkward, but what can you do. Don't think I have to deal with him for a while now. YAY!  You know … Continue reading Random Thoughts #66 

How To Maintain Your Unpopular Blog

This is the (I'm sure) long awaited follow up to How To Write An Unpopular Blog.  I've gone from 120 followers to about 210 since the post. I'm pretty sure that I lost some along the way too. Oh well! In this post, I will provide strategies for keeping your follower count low and your posts … Continue reading How To Maintain Your Unpopular Blog

#3words1story 006

Welcome to 3 Words 1 Story! How it works: I’ll give you three word prompts which you can then use to write something of any length. It can be a story, a poem, a song… even a post. I don’t mind. Whatever floats your boat! Link back to this post or comment below and I’ll … Continue reading #3words1story 006