via Word of the Day Apparently, resplendent means something that dazzles, glitters and is pleasing to the eye.  Like Chris Hemsworth. Who is not pictured above because it was easier just to get a stock photo. I'm a terrible future (highly optimistic) wife.  For some reason this has me thinking about attractiveness.  I typically don't really … Continue reading resplendent


send it into the world

I did post about this in my journal, but I have a send it into the world urge so y'all get this post. I am embarrassed on my own behalf. Feel free to ignore.  There's some backstory to this, but it's more or less an isolated incident because it happens allllll the time and it's … Continue reading send it into the world


#fuckboiquestions #storytime #lol This post is based on events that happened after the hug test. Yes, I gave the douchebag I'm dealing with a hug test. I feel like the awfulness of that hug has awoken my sanity. We need to be hugpatible. When platonic friends give better hugs, your days are numbered.  Anyway.  I was curious … Continue reading MY BIRTHDAY