I’m not weird

Screw that, I'm weird and I own it.  Today was my first day off since February and it was disrupted. Every time it's something, but whatever, at least I got a three day weekend. I'm hoping to have five days off towards the end of the month but if it wasn't for my hair (I … Continue reading I’m not weird


How are you, really? And nine other questions 

How are you, really? Tired. Right now I'm tired of politicians. They all suck. Anyone that wants to have power should be scrutinised.  How do you feel right now? Not great. I have a million and one things to do but my bed comes first. We belong together. When I'm not with it I lose … Continue reading How are you, really? And nine other questions¬†

The calm before the storm

Or rather it's not. But it is. I'm in a really weird hyperactive mood at the moment. I'm talkative, I'm bouncy, I'm restless, I'm getting my Type A personality on even though I'm so Type B it hurts.  I'm anxious. I can't sleep, I'm barely eating, I'm not even attempting to meet deadlines, I'm just … Continue reading The calm before the storm

October Writing Challenge – #1 – 15 Interesting Facts About Myself

I came across Growing Spangs'¬†October Writing Challenge and thought that I'd give it a try! I probably won't do all of them, but we'll see. 15 Interesting Facts About Myself 1. I don't think I'm particularly interesting. Which I guess is sort of contradictory given that I'm about to list 14 more reasons why I … Continue reading October Writing Challenge – #1 – 15 Interesting Facts About Myself