Sweet in an incredibly cheesy way

Is anybody there? It's been quiet over the past few days to a hand related health issue and also life. Anyway, I'm back! I've missed blogging. Journalling is fun but I'm far more reasonable when I'm putting pen on paper. That's no fun! So, you know how I was like, 'So long, Bob!' in this post?  Well, … Continue reading Sweet in an incredibly cheesy way


Random Thoughts #15

I made #14 private because I was not thinking straight last week and everything I posted was a little too personal. I will leave the others up just in case they're ever helpful to anybody but that one. Nope. I read through the previous Random Thoughts posts and I think they're a nice chronological account … Continue reading Random Thoughts #15

Getting Caught Up In My Own Weirdness

This is me in a nutshell, although sometimes I think life would be easier if I was normal. Sometimes I get so caught up in the weirdness that I can feel the point at which it goes from being funny to 'omg can this girl shut the fk up'.  So, I'm going to give my … Continue reading Getting Caught Up In My Own Weirdness

Random Thoughts #13

You know what, I don't need any peach inspired nightmares tonight I uttered this upon preparing to watch a story by my favourite narcissist person on Instagram. I may not have learned my lesson, but I'd like a nightmare free weekend! Also, I need to chill on Instagram. I'm not on it 24/7 by any … Continue reading Random Thoughts #13

quirks – #AtoZChallenge

I'm so behind! I think people are on S, or T and anyway, whatever. I'm fashionably late, okay. Today's word is quirks 1. I only drink hot water. Yes. Hot water. Occasionally I do drink cold water but only if it was piping hot first. I really don't like cold water. It's just. Tasteless. I … Continue reading quirks – #AtoZChallenge

(H)ealth – #AtoZChallenge

It feels like there's always some ailment that I'm struck by. Headaches. Back pain. Muscle strain. Random bruises. Itchy eyes. The flu. That nasty cough. Constant tiredness. Each issue bleeds into the next and forms a vicious cycle that never seem to end. Apparently, this is what being an adult is like. Popping enough pain … Continue reading (H)ealth – #AtoZChallenge