30 days of gratitude (1)

I did a gratitude challenge for Lent last year and I actually enjoyed it. Right now, I have no idea what's happening around me anymore. I am just here.  So, I think that some positivity is required. No matter how hard things get, there's always something to be grateful for. I use this blog to … Continue reading 30 days of gratitude (1)


song lyric sunday – love was just a casting call

This week's theme: Pretending.  I was going to go with something random, but then it hit me. My Canadian husbands have an awesome bonus track that I absolutely adore that fits the theme perfectly. I actually came across this song while writing an epic story (well, 45k was epic for me LOL) and needed inspiration.  Song: … Continue reading song lyric sunday – love was just a casting call

Superpowers That I Wish I Had 

1. Invisibility My life has basically been one huge 'I wish the ground would swallow me up immediately' moment. At this point invisibility would be a much needed gift let alone a superpower. I would also use it to be a fly on the wall and record certain people secretly. I'd be the ultimate newspaper sting superhero. Or vigilante, but whatever, it works for Batman. 2. Flying I'm a perennial latecomer. I think tardiness is genetic or something because I honestly can't help it. Given that time flies away from me, what better superpower than flying? Seriously. It would be perfect. No more getting the bus or train. Or missing the bus or train. No more paying 50% of my expenses on travel. That being said, I'd probably need some kind of metallic suit of armour because flying or not, I'd probably still be very clumsy. 3. Boyband Discovery I love boybands. I would like to have more money. Discovering a new and talented boyband would probably make me rich enough to be able to make myself rich from something else once my boyband lose their record deal. Plus my boyband would be cool and super down to Earth. Most likely. Maybe. Probably not. Whatever.  4. Speed writing So many ideas. So little time. If I could write or type at the speed of lightning, I would get so much done. 5. Good luck Just trust me on this one. I have the worst luck. 6. Golden fingers So, I could turn everything into gold, sell it and become rich. What? I never said … Continue reading Superpowers That I Wish I Had