#64 | research & discover

Welcome back to Random Thoughts, wherein I ramble about random shit.  Once again, we shall begin with... For those of y'all that don't know, Bob McDonut is a person that I follow on Instagram. I judge him because he makes it hard for me not to. I know Esther is somewhere saying 'Ha, she's still … Continue reading #64 | research & discover


#63: A Very McDoofus Christmas 

Hello snarklings! So....I think Bob McDoofus will most likely be left behind in 2017, but for old times sake, here is the Christmas edition. This also doubles as the 63rd Random Thoughts post.  Reuuuunited and it feels soooo..... much like the last eight months. Cringe.  First, he was bitching about traffic and Christmas lights. Apparently … Continue reading #63: A Very McDoofus Christmas¬†

#56 | the year of snark

The most disgust-inducing quote of the week This seems Instagrammable.  It was a branch.  From a tree.  Granted, it's a nice one but it was almost midnight and very dark.  Ugh.  People.  Back to Bob Back to Bob has a new name (thanks to J-Dub!).  I have a headache so naturally, I click on Bob's … Continue reading #56 | the year of snark

bragging is so cool

I got a notification from Instagram so I clicked on it.  My Instagram feed went something like this: 1. LOOK AT MY NEW HOUSE!!! 2. LOOK AT MY PORCH/CATS 3. Random selfie 4. Random throwback 5. Bob and his stupid staged pictures.  6. Just as I said to myself: everyone on Instagram is annoying me … Continue reading bragging is so cool

#52 | do better

Random Thoughts is now sort of weekly again.  Back to Bob *logs onto Instafail* There's a subway picture. Good thing I wasn't on that subway. I'd be in the corner side-eyeing him. He also posted about Las Vegas which was surprising. I mean, some of it was conspiracy shit that I didn't necessarily disagree with, … Continue reading #52 | do better

the curious case of the social media narcissist

Otherwise known as... Random Thoughts #48 Random Thoughts has been fleeting of late. Along with my actual thoughts. This is a Bob special because I had a rock induced meltdown over the course of his gazillion videos. I just couldn't understand what I was watching.  For those that don't know, Bob = actor that I follow … Continue reading the curious case of the social media narcissist

Life sucks and then you die | Random Thoughts #46

Last week's ramblings.  This was a good week Seriously. I actually had a good week. I am shocked too. There is a lot that I didn't do that I'm silently beating myself up for but at the same time, I ignored Bob (to my new followers, Bob is some poor helpless, slightly narcissistic guy that … Continue reading Life sucks and then you die | Random Thoughts #46