Detritus | JusJoJan. 31.

de·tri·tus\di-ˈtrī-təs\ noun the pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, is destroyed, etc. It's 2017 and somehow we appear to be living in the midst of the broken pieces of our own humanity. People no longer have sympathy for those less fortunate than them, let alone compassion. Moving stories are now being ironically … Continue reading Detritus | JusJoJan. 31.


I’m blue da ba dee da ba die.. | JusJoJan, 30.

I'm not the kind of person that has a specific piece of jewellery every day. Usually I will wear a gift constantly until one day I don't. The exception was the black jelly bracelet I wore religiously to feel close to my ex-TV-boyfriend, Sam Winchester.  In most cases, I forget that I even own most … Continue reading I’m blue da ba dee da ba die.. | JusJoJan, 30.

JusJoJan: 17. Complaint

​My complaint today is about celebrities because they all seem to be gifted liars and contortionists of the truth. Case in point:  a singer was papped while enjoying her holiday.  she also instagrammed it all for her devoted followers.  That's standard practice these days.  The problem was that, there's a major difference between the pictures.  Now, … Continue reading JusJoJan: 17. Complaint