Day 23 – 30 | Gratitude Challenge

This is my last post for the Gratitude Challenge. I said I'd be positive and do it for Lent, and I have! 23. Peace 25. Intention Sometimes, people do have good intentions but they go about in the wrong way. From a gratitude perspective, I guess it's good to have someone that cares. However, sometimes, … Continue reading Day 23 – 30 | Gratitude Challenge


Love. Accomplish. Passion. 

Days 19 - 22 | Gratitude Challenge I have nine more days to complete before FRIDAY. WHAT. There will be a long one tomorrow. Or today. I'm just gonna go with pictures for this one. And one word.  19. Something that fills me with love Easy. CHOCOLATE.  20. Something I accomplished today I got out of … Continue reading Love. Accomplish. Passion. 

Laugh. Smile. Hope.

Day 16-18 | Gratitude Challenge My answers are getting shorter, but I'm still trying to keep it positive! 16. Something that makes you laugh Bad Lifetime Movies! I have an odd sense of humour. I tend to amuse myself so I guess I'm the something! 17. Something that makes you smile ...hmm. I guess schmoopy, romantic … Continue reading Laugh. Smile. Hope.

Texture. Colour. Smells.

Days 12-14 of the gratitude challenge! 12. Texture What now...okay, so. I've got nothing. I like the texture of... I seriously have nothing. Uhm. Wait. CAKE. I like the texture of cake. Well, I like cake. And therefore, I like the texture of the sponge when it's baked right. Particularly when it's soft and light. And fluffy. … Continue reading Texture. Colour. Smells.

Technology. Quiet. Noise.

This is Days 9, 10 and 11 of the Gratitude Challenge.  9. Technology Where would we be without the the good old world wide web? Our phones. Laptops. Tablets. Even self service checkouts in stores. Medical technology, irrigation technology, all sorts. Technology has definitely given us a better standard of living. While some of it … Continue reading Technology. Quiet. Noise.