This is so frustrating | Unplugged #3

Thing I'm doing: job application Written 9th August Okay, so, the last time I actually applied for a job was a while ago. Shortly before that disgusting slump I went (and am still going) through - that I spoke about here.  Anyway, I found a job that sounds good and it doesn't even have annoying questions. … Continue reading This is so frustrating | Unplugged #3


Is it the weekend already?

This has been the shittiest week ever. WHY WON'T IT END? It has gone at the slowest, excruciating pace ever.  I am at the point where everything and everyone is annoying me. Just. I will hopefully be back to my usual slightly less miserable self over the weekend. HOPEFULLY. 

(J)amboree – #AtoZChallenge

Jamboree, or party to those of us living in the twenty first century. I could have waited until P but nah! I am not a big partier. In fact the last party I went to was several years ago. And I went under duress. My graduation wasn't really a party because it rained like crazy … Continue reading (J)amboree – #AtoZChallenge

Thank God That The Weekend Is Finally Here

I am so tired. I am tired for reasons but those reasons can fudge off right now. All I want to do is eat chocolate. Sleep. Sleep. And more sleep. One of these days I may try and do something fun on my weekend but no. I'm gonna watch TV and be my usual snarky … Continue reading Thank God That The Weekend Is Finally Here

I’m a cucumber with anxiety

A friend and I were discussing anxiety this week and I realised that I kind of hate discussing it in public. I always think that people with either think less of me or that I should just shut up because everyone has problems. But, I am doing the 'Abandon Your Comfort Zone' challenge as listedĀ here. … Continue reading I’m a cucumber with anxiety