letters for the better #3

You've reached this point once again. The point where you need to yell some sense into yourself and hope that it works.  Let's get down to it.  Right now, your brain is occupied by shit it doesn't need to be occupied by. Namely, your ENEMY Dumb-Dumb. Yes. He's the enemy. He's no longer Anakin Skywalker, … Continue reading letters for the better #3


letters for the better #1-2

I'm making this a thing now because for whatever reason, they actually help me? It's like yelling at myself was the answer all along? Who knew.  Well. You seem to have this habit of doing one thing and saying another. Probably because you're not honest with yourself. Admit it. You say what sounds good, the … Continue reading letters for the better #1-2

can I do both?

I don't have an aversion to ultimatums because I literally ignore them. Even in exams when it said answer one part of the question I'd do both and cross out the answer that sucked the most.  I think I'm just immune them. Written for JusJoJan (ultimatum).