if we’re meant to be #poetry

if we're meant to be why do we feel so wrong? if you truly love me why do I feel so cold? if you're the only one why does my soul continue to search? if you truly care why do I feel so alone? © hiptobesnark


question: who was in the wrong?

I have a question for you all.  Who was in the wrong? Scenario: Amy has been dating Steve for a year. She starts a new job and meets Tim. Tim is a bit of a mess who's desperate to find 'love'. He also has a history of going after people who are already in relationships.  … Continue reading question: who was in the wrong?


via Word of the Day Apparently, resplendent means something that dazzles, glitters and is pleasing to the eye.  Like Chris Hemsworth. Who is not pictured above because it was easier just to get a stock photo. I'm a terrible future (highly optimistic) wife.  For some reason this has me thinking about attractiveness.  I typically don't really … Continue reading resplendent