Finsbury Park 

You know, all of the terrorists attacks that have happened so far have been in areas that I don’t really know. I know of them and they may be close but I don’t know them as well as I know Finsbury Park. 

Finsbury Park is one that I know very, very well. This shit is beyond close to home. I’m sickened and horrified by this. My stomach has been sinking since I heard the news. I feel for the victims, for those who were just going about their lives. Horrible doesn’t even cover it. 

The media are calling it an ‘incident’ and not terrorism because the perpetrator is white. They do this every time. If you’re black or brown, you’re a terrorist. If you’re white, you’re mentally ill. It’s frustrating. 

What’s doubly frustrating is that I keep seeing anti-Muslim sentiment, fucking Trump supporters are chiming in. White people are claiming there they’re scared of retaliation and just, it’s always funny how people make these things about them.

More later. 

Being clumsy is not cute


I’m not sure how common this is nowadays, but in the past the clumsy trait was used to generate humour and sympathy. I think they call it being klutzy now, but we all know damn well that they mean clumsy!

Mia Thermopolis was the clumsy, charismatic princess that we all loved. The Ben Stiller of the late 90s/early 00s was the unfortunate bro that we all sat through questionable awkward, klutzy toilet humour with.

Being clumsy is often thought of in fond ways. Oh, so and so has tripped up again! Poor her. Typical her! Awww, OMG, SO CUTE!

No. No. No. And no. Continue reading “Being clumsy is not cute”

The curious case of greed

News broke yesterday about Sam Allardyce, the now former England manager, potentially agreeing to help other circumvent rules put in place by his employers. This is by all means a man who had just achieved his dream job. He was in the job for 67 days, a number that just seems absurd when you consider that he made his huge mistake before his first – and only – game in charge.

The lure of £400,000 was enough to get Sam to fall into The Telegraph’s trap. Continue reading “The curious case of greed”