picture perfect

I need this hallway in my life.  Seriously. Just for a day. I was writing and I needed a visual and Pinterest came through. Even though I'm content with having somewhere to sleep and fully believe that most homes are only ever picture perfect for the sake of appearances, I kind of want a perfect … Continue reading picture perfect


i’m like a slow cooker | Angry Thoughts #1

Yes, I'm doing angry thoughts now because there's so much in this world that irritates me.  I am like a slow cooker. My anger simmers beneath the surface until it grows and in some rare cases, boils over.  Eventually, I calm down.  This week, the two managers at work are the two that I truly … Continue reading i’m like a slow cooker | Angry Thoughts #1

(M)oney, money, money – #AtoZchallenge

It's a rich man's world. Seriously, the rest of us don't even matter. We talk about freedom and free speech and doing what you want, but what do you need to do any of those things? Money. Money dictates our laws, what we buy, what we eat.  If you don't have money, you're basically irrelevant. … Continue reading (M)oney, money, money – #AtoZchallenge

Quote of the Day (14/03)

Comparison is an act of violence against the self Yes, this is so true. That person seems to have a picture perfect life. That person has a lovely boyfriend and you're going to die alone. That person has a better job, better looks, better life. There's no way of knowing what's going on in people's … Continue reading Quote of the Day (14/03)