#JusJoJan – 7/1/18 – snarkdelible

indelible ɪnˈdɛlɪb(ə)l adjective - (of ink or a pen) making marks that cannot be removed. - not able to be forgotten. Yeah, I'm going to turn to Pinterest for this one because I have nothing to say. I am in a state of mild anxiety at the moment because the last two hours have been … Continue reading #JusJoJan – 7/1/18 – snarkdelible


opinionated -#AtoZChallenge 

opin·ion·at·ed\-yə-ˌnā-təd\ adjective expressing strong beliefs or judgments about something having or showing strong opinions I am often told that I like to argue but I don't. I'm just very much interested in getting my point across. That's all. I also like to have the last word and I'm a bit of a know-it-all (it's not … Continue reading opinionated -#AtoZChallenge 

Things That People Say #4

Things That People Say: THERE'S TOO MUCH LEFIST BIAS!!!!! I can say what I want!!! Political correctness is a breach of free speech! Immigrants are taking our jobs!!! Blacks are all thieves!!! White is right!!! What they mean: They want an excuse to spew filth and make innocent people feel like shit. They want those … Continue reading Things That People Say #4

Things That People Say – #3

Thing That People Say: Why don't you do [insert action] before commenting on someone else's attempt. See if you can do better!! This is usually said in response to an opinion on a song, TV show, article and so forth. What they really mean: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OPINION. EVER. Especially one … Continue reading Things That People Say – #3

Not caring for other people’s opinions of your opinions

Nobody likes it when people disagree with them, especially in a provocative manner. My other blog was born out of frustration, and as such, occasionally people who like the show Supernatural tend to pop up. Most of the people that comment are nice and respectful. Some even manage to like the show but still appreciate … Continue reading Not caring for other people’s opinions of your opinions