Let’s pray that foolishness isn’t contagious 

…because I’m exposed to too much of it at work. Every single manager is either too lazy, irritating or just downright incompetent. 

This exchange happened today:

Me (to manager): Can you call a cleaner because there’s water on the floor.

Manager: There’s no cleaner anymore because the customers have gone. 

Me: (looks up to see…customers)

Manager: You’re going to have to get tissue to clean it. 


I was really just thinking, uh, maybe you should come and clean it. Apparently the safety of workers is of no concern to them. They treat us like animals. It’s disgusting. What if it wasn’t just water on the floor, but vomit? Would I be expected to get tissue and clean that? These people have no shame. At least once per shift I find myself ranting about how fucking stupid they are. They walk around all high and mighty while doing nothing.  It’s infuriating and I can barely stomach it.  The amount of self control required by me to not tell them all to fuck off. Instead I do that ‘far away gaze’ when they walk past and just act like I don’t see them. I’m really good at that gaze. They just scream people’s names across the shop floor like we are pets. It’s embarrassing and demoralising. 

I seriously need a ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ name tag. 

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Today’s conundrum 

Well, I got a nasty email from someone and my dilemma is whether or not I ignore it or respond. The reasonable adult in me says ignore, but the snarky deviant says give then hell. 

Usually, the snarky part of me gets her way but I’m in a philosophical mood at the moment. The question on my mind is really just why it is that people are so damn rude to one another? Is there any reason why we can’t be civil? I mean, at least in December. Although, December seems to have the opposite effect on people. They are meaner, louder and twice as obnoxious. 
I think we should just cancel December and skip to January. 

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Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism


Apparently, there’s no such thing as racism in countries where it has merely been exposed to them! EXPOSED I TELL YOU!


Anyway, the situation I’m about to describe happened a few months ago. I’ll apologise now if anything I say after this point offends anyone, although, if it does, it says more about the offended than it does me. Plus, I doubt anyone is going to read this anyway.

Here’s what happened.

My (white) friend is from a European country and I caught wind of a racist incident that had happened there. I emailed them a link about it and sarcastically added, ‘not all publicity is good publicity‘ and some basic remarks condemning the situation+. This was probably mistake number one. I am not an overly patriotic person, but there’s nothing that riles people up more than suggesting their country is inherently racist (which I wasn’t, but apparently that’s how it came across). Just look at Bill O’Reilly. Or Nigel Farage. Or the man of the hour, Donald Trump. Continue reading “Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism”

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Top 5 Pet Peeves

Third entry for the October Writing Challenge I am doing.


1. People who never listen to advice


Look, I get it. There are things in life that we don’t like. Situations that are beyond our control. I get it. However, if I’ve advised you to do something at least five times and you just don’t bother, I’m either going to think that you enjoy the drama or that you enjoy wasting my time. This is one of the reasons why I try to listen and just offer support but I’m a problem solver, dammit. LISTEN TO ME! At least you get to blame someone else if it goes wrong. Wait, no, they do that anyway. Continue reading “Top 5 Pet Peeves”

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This week’s dilemma: considering a name change


For the sake of my privacy (and desire to not scupper any employment chances), let’s just assume that my name is Squinoa for this post. ‘Cause I’m S and Quinoa is something that none of us can say at first (it’s true. And then we learn how to say it, we can pretentiously correct someone else — don’t act like you haven’t done it!).

Having a name like Squinoa is difficult. It’s not common. People don’t do well with things that aren’t common. Seriously. You can come across a person that tells you that they love ALL cultures, they love to travel, they love to eat different foods.

I tell that person my name is Squinoa and they switch off or get weird. Here are two scenarios.

[1] ‘Oh,’ they utter with all of the tact of a banana peel in a cartoon skit, closely followed by, ‘That’s an unusual name’.

No. It’s not unusual, it’s uncommon. There’s a difference. Apple is an unusual name. Custard is an unusual name. Squinoa is an uncommon name.  Continue reading “This week’s dilemma: considering a name change”