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Things That People Say #5

​Things That People Say: Come back tomorrow [and I’ll have an answer for you]

What they really mean: Please go away

Conclusion: Okay, so, NOT EVERYONE will mean go away, but still. When I say it I usually mean ‘please go away’. Sometimes we just need some peace! And sometimes people are just lazy and rude. 

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The mystery of internal panic during awkward conversations


Or rather, the lack of mystery because it’s cause is always the same thing. Some form of anxiety, or an esteem issue. You name it. Most of us have experienced it at least once.

In my case, I am pretty introverted and that makes for some awkward conversations. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about introverts. For instance, I don’t shield myself with a dark umbrella and live in a box. Nor do I consider myself to be shy. I just don’t like talking to people that I don’t know very well because it’s exhausting.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with those people, it’s just that conversations require energy. Now if someone out there wanted to locate the introvert energy source (that isn’t caffeine because I’d rather not have to pee a million times) and come up with a way to recharge it, I’d be all ears.

Until then, I will have to go through the same phases of internal panic that I do any time I speak to someone that I don’t know. I should stress that for me, I can talk to people who say something to me, but initiating conversations is the hard part. I spend so long thinking about it that I exhaust myself before I can say a word. Continue reading “The mystery of internal panic during awkward conversations”

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This topic is via Daily Prompt: Silence

I have mixed feelings on silence. Generally, I am extremely for what I have tentatively named ‘STFU hour‘. That’s an hour of each day where EVERYONE just doesn’t speak. Sure, businesses might lose millions of dollars and other potentially destructive things might happen, but I would maybe allow exceptions. On health and safety grounds.   Continue reading “Silence”