Things That People Say #5

​Things That People Say: Come back tomorrow [and I'll have an answer for you] What they really mean: Please go away.  Conclusion: Okay, so, NOT EVERYONE will mean go away, but still. When I say it I usually mean 'please go away'. Sometimes we just need some peace! And sometimes people are just lazy and … Continue reading Things That People Say #5


Things That People Say – #3

Thing That People Say: Why don't you do [insert action] before commenting on someone else's attempt. See if you can do better!! This is usually said in response to an opinion on a song, TV show, article and so forth. What they really mean: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE AN OPINION. EVER. Especially one … Continue reading Things That People Say – #3


This topic is via Daily Prompt: Silence I have mixed feelings on silence. Generally, I am extremely for what I have tentatively named 'STFU hour'. That's an hour of each day where EVERYONE just doesn't speak. Sure, businesses might lose millions of dollars and other potentially destructive things might happen, but I would maybe allow exceptions. … Continue reading Silence