Awkward Situations

This is why I don’t listen to anyone

This is so true. There was a situation at work before, and I was supposed to train someone but my coworker just steamrolled past me and did all of the talking. It was really frustrating but I’m used to it. 

I think I’ve done the most talking in my life within the past six months due to work. There are some people who you can have a decent conversation with but often, it’s a fucking nightmare. 

Gets ignored

This usually happens when a one on one conversation becomes a three way conversation and I’m left standing there like a mannequin with a talk button. Eventually I become silent until I can slowly fade away, like Sean Spicer retreating into the bushes. 

Gets interrupted

Every. Time. Every. Single. Damn. Time

Gets talked over 

Don’t mind me, I was just responding to the last fucking thing that you said.

No one pays attention

Hence why I just talk to myself. I don’t care if it’s weird. I DO WHAT I WANT. 

No one cares

*Kanye shrug*

A to Z Challenge 2017

people – #AtoZChallenge

I’m way behind again.

Anyway, I’m here to bitch about people. Lemme break it down. 

Loud people

Why are you so in love with the sound of your voices? Seriously, keep it down. And don’t act like you weren’t screaming your business around the place when we all heard you. Use your indoor voice, please. 

Rude people

Please. Thank you. Sorry. These are words/phrases that you need to utilise. Also, don’t expect me to smile in your face after you’ve been rude. You will get the blank stare or resting bitch face. 

Controlling people

Do you ever think that your life would be less stressful if you stopped trying to control other people? You would have more time for yourself and you wouldn’t need to worry about micromanaging other people’s lives. Doesn’t that sound nice? If not, kindly fuck off anyway. 

Arrogant people

Everybody’s shit stinks, including yours. So come on down from your high horse and accept that you’re no better than the rest of us 

Self centered people

You’re just not that interesting. 

Rich people

We all know that you got to where you are by trampling over other people. You’re not fooling anyone. 

Racist people

On behalf of all of the non-white folk out there – why you so obsessed with us?

Judgemental people

Look, we all judge people but some of y’all take it too far. We can judge, but when you do all of the extra – threaten, belittle, demean – you’re doing too much. If it isn’t your life, it’s not your problem. 

YouTube people

The kind that start shit in comments for no reason. Y’all are fucked up, that’s just about it really. 

Childish people

After you turn eighteen, it’s time to grow up. I know it’s painful, but it’s for the best. 

Attention seekers

Again, not that interesting. 

Twitter fingers 

Does anyone not deal with their problems head on without running to Twitter these days? Handle your business instead of internet thuggin’. We all know that you’re not about that life. That includes you, Donald J. Trump!

I could go on, but you get the point, we’re our own worst enemies. 

A to Z Challenge 2017

(M)oney, money, money – #AtoZchallenge

It’s a rich man’s world.

Seriously, the rest of us don’t even matter. We talk about freedom and free speech and doing what you want, but what do you need to do any of those things? Money. Money dictates our laws, what we buy, what we eat. 

If you don’t have money, you’re basically irrelevant. I mean, social media is an indicator of that. There’s the girl that always has the designer clothes, bags and shoes. That friend who’s always jetsetting. The celebrity that has money to promote their tweets in order to make even more money to promote even more tweets. Celebrities in general. They don’t become famous overnight. Nope, money goes into them and voila. They’re suddenly more important than the rest of us. 

By contrast, all I tweet is a few half-hearted sarcastic comments and links to my blog. In the past, I would I’d put a lot of effort into it but now, no. After all, there’s nothing to gain. Replies, follows and whatever will never be converted into a currency for me. 

At best, I’ll find myself working for too long, for too little pay for the rest of my life. I’m not okay with that, but right now, the opposite seems like it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Gold-diggers get a bad rap, but if you think about it, the smart ones know what’s up. Who needs happiness when you have money? It’s worked out great for Melania Trump. By the way, smart gold-diggers set up their own bank accounts and make sure they have that they have their own identity. The not so smart ones hashtag their lives with #wifey and don’t realise the benefits of having their names on deeds. 

So, to sum it up, without money, you’re basically nothing but a pawn in this rich man’s world. 

However, maybe that isn’t a bad thing. People with money always seem to have problems. Look at Donald Trump, over seventy, supposed billionaire, and clearly not content with his life. I’m sure his supporters think it’s great that Trump, with all of his cash, wanted to help them but they should be asking why? Why would a wealthy, billionaire pensioner want to saddle himself with such things?

Money obviously does not buy happiness. It’s buys idleness and emptiness. People with money always want something else. More money, or more power. Clearly there’s something about all of that green that twists people up. They lose their grip on reality and suddenly, everything is about status and showing everyone how much wealth they have. They don’t buy a 16 bedroom, million dollar house just because they can, but to show that they can. 

That’s not even the most messed up part. It’s that regular folk look up to this kind of thing. I remember reading a thread about buying expensive luxury items just because you could afford them. I was on the now why would I do that side and others were on the it’s my money side and no one could agree. I don’t get those people that work hard and waste their money on designer goods. One or two items, I can understand but everything designer? When you can’t afford your rent, your car and God knows what else? That’s just crazy.

To conclude, money’s kinda fucked up. 

My A-Z challenge theme is clearly random, but I’m still going with ‘Life‘.


Quote of the Day (14/03)

Comparison is an act of violence against the self

Yes, this is so true. That person seems to have a picture perfect life. That person has a lovely boyfriend and you’re going to die alone. That person has a better job, better looks, better life.

There’s no way of knowing what’s going on in people’s lives. So there’s no point in comparing yourself to a snapshot of something whole. It’s just a piece of something that lacks context. 

I say this, but I do it all the time. I have people in my life who compare me to others and it’s frustrating. One minute, you’re supposed to be your own person and the next, you have to emulate someone who’s perceived as being better. 

At the end of the day, nothing good comes from it. Just disappointment. And possibly a large bill spent on items you damn well can’t afford. Or crippling student loans because you knew quite well that you didn’t want to be a doctor but had to take it as far as ethically possible (so before the working on live people part) to avoid any drama. 

As always, life is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Forgive me for wanting a little specificity

So, at work I’m often asked for things. That’s fine. I am there to help people to acquire said things. However, what would help is if they figured out what they actually wanted before coming to me. I can’t help you locate that yellow thing that you can draw and write with, but I can help you locate a pencil. Continue reading “Forgive me for wanting a little specificity”

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Not caring for other people’s opinions of your opinions


Nobody likes it when people disagree with them, especially in a provocative manner. My other blog was born out of frustration, and as such, occasionally people who like the show Supernatural tend to pop up. Most of the people that comment are nice and respectful. Some even manage to like the show but still appreciate my ‘snark’ or humour – whatever you want to call it – at the same time.

Some just piss me off. And when I get pissed off, I ramble. Ideally, and if I was petty, I’d just reply to people with this image: Continue reading “Not caring for other people’s opinions of your opinions”