how are you?

Some people get really annoyed by being asked how they are. Personally, I have no problem with being asked how I am, but it's become one of those questions that you don't even register. It's now a form of my greeting. I will say, hi, how are you? I think I do genuinely want to … Continue reading how are you?


#1LinerWeds – directions

.... Despite the fact that I have resting bitch face I always get stopped for directions. Just the other day some guy stopped me for a lengthy amount of time.  Even after I told him I had no idea where he was heading, he was chatting away. I asked if he had the address and … Continue reading #1LinerWeds – directions


Just when I think I can't be anymore surprised, I am. People never fail to amaze me. Some might say I'm astonished, but the sad thing is that I'm not.  Now I'm going to cap off this vague post with a quote.  Onto something that did astonish me was this whisper confession: people actually … Continue reading astonish