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Treesitions (photo challenge)

This is a response to this week’s  photo challenge

This week, share a photograph that signifies transitions and change to you.

A few months ago, these trees were devoid of leaves and colour and now they’re bright, vibrant and making the park look mighty fun. In a few months, these trees will go through another transition and the cycle will continue. 

Much like life. 

So essentially, we are all trees. One day we lose our leaves. On another day, we get them back. Sometimes we fall down and then we get back up. And okay, trees don’t get back up, but you get the point. 



If there’s ever been a year that proved that life is like one messed up game of tug-of-war, it is this one. There have been highs, lows and even more lows but I’m sure that in a way, the good will balance out the bad and at some points, bad will outweigh the good. I guess that’s life. Sometimes we’re winning and sometimes we’re left in a heap on the floor wondering why we participated in this madness in the first place.

Of course there’s good resilience and bad resilience.

Some have chosen to be hateful and spiteful in response to a world where 99% of us are shit outta luck. Good luck to those people. 

What matters is that we’re still here, doing the best that we can. 

This is a response to: Resilient