picture perfect

I need this hallway in my life. 

Seriously. Just for a day. I was writing and I needed a visual and Pinterest came through. Even though I’m content with having somewhere to sleep and fully believe that most homes are only ever picture perfect for the sake of appearances, I kind of want a perfect house like this. Where everything is shiny and clean and pretty. 

I want a picture perfect life where nothing is ever too expensive and I don’t have to worry about running out of food tomorrow. I mean, we all do, right? 

That being said, life would be boring like that right? I think this is why so many people with money go crazy. When you have everything you want, you start searching for other ways to expel energy.

(Or maybe I’m trying to convince myself, LOL). 

If a mere pleb like me is busy trying to waste her money in new ways so that she can regret it later, I can only imagine it’s worse when you spend spend spend and still there’s no magic happiness at the end. 


… I really wish that was my hallway.