un-motivational quotes

Fun fact about me: I have a Pinterest board of motivational quotes.  I'd get low and start saving them because apparently they made me felt better.  They don't.  They really don't.  Most of them are fluffy nonsense that make sense in theory but not to much in reality.  For that reason, I've decided to take … Continue reading un-motivational quotes


One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable This is more positive than usual but I just spent an hour laughing to myself at hurricane and earthquake innuendo* (and then feeling bad because hello people are dealing with this in real life ugh). I can't afford to be pessimistic right now.  *Basically it was FX effects in my video editing … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

picture perfect

I need this hallway in my life.  Seriously. Just for a day. I was writing and I needed a visual and Pinterest came through. Even though I'm content with having somewhere to sleep and fully believe that most homes are only ever picture perfect for the sake of appearances, I kind of want a perfect … Continue reading picture perfect