abandon ship [poem]

The thought sneaks in as I’m washing the dishes. 

I’m lost in my head as the suds caress my fingers before slowly swirling down the drain. 

I long to follow it down and vanish from reality. 

In the background I hear the raised voices

I hear the twisted words.

Escape is all I can think of

It’s all that I need

Two words circle around, spinning around

So fast that I almost capsize

Abandon ship

– © hiptobesnark 

Not sure what this is, so the natural thing to do is to post it here. 

Without A Trace

People always leave you alone when you need someone. 

Or they bother you when you want to be left alone.

Some kind of invisibility shield is in order.

Disappear without trace. 

Reappear like you never left. 

Tap out of an unbearable situation

Tap into something unmissable 

Tune into an interesting conversation

Fade out of noisy frustration

Leave a hollow mark in your wake

The faint outline of who you were, who you tried to be, who you didn’t want to be. 

Only the dead disappear without a trace. 

This is a response to Trace. Call it a poem, freeform, rambling, whatever. I have no idea. 😂

panic (haiku series)

I’m writing poetry now? Damn, my muse is on fire! Anyway. This is my first time attempting haikus so… I apologize 😂.

hot under the collar
tensing muscles groan
heart sinks like gravity


fear bleeds through the cut
chest heaves, can’t breathe in
eyes blink rapidly


Whispered pleas, can’t you see
danger ahead, everything bleeds red
screams sound, echoing in dark


Black, it’s all midnight black
Everything slows down
There’s no one left in town