One-Liner Wednesday – a serious affliction…

Future politicians take note. Lieabetes is practically a job requirement.  ~ To take place in One-Liner Wednesday or see other entries, click here. 


One Liner Wednesday

People are going to wake up one day within the next three years and realise that having your cake and eating it only works when that cake is made out of plastic and your teeth are made out of false hope (Chinese plastic rice cakes aside of course, those are edible... ish).  Now I really … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday

And it just gets better

6. An illegitimate executive order was passed. Trump’s latest executive order bans federal government agencies from issuing a new regulation without eliminating two existing ones. Such an order is “not a legitimate use of presidential authority,” a policy-making expert told Quartz. Federal agencies are empowered with making regulations through statutes passed by Congress. Quote taken … Continue reading And it just gets better

Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

Seems like a good day for a list. Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now 1. Theresa May(hem) Need I say more? 2. Trump and his cronies Predictably, almost everything they've done since in power has either been ridiculous, disgusting or helpful to absolutely no one but themselves. 3. Award shows.  Rich people congratulating themselves. … Continue reading Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

Voter Regret: sometimes a win isn’t always a win

Donald Trump and British politicians have proven one thing in the past year.  Being successful ain't all it's cut out to be for the people who have to deal with the consequences. Let's start with Trumpgret, the cold feeling occupying those who feel betrayed by The Donald. The regretter: This woman She says that she … Continue reading Voter Regret: sometimes a win isn’t always a win

an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

Today (20th January 2017) marks the day of Trump's inauguration. I am not American so I will not be watching. Not only that, I do not care. The media really wants me to care but I don't.  I have watched both (all?) sides engage in an unfortunate pissing contest that doesn't help anybody. The media … Continue reading an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark

For some reason I tend to post Trump stuff automatically on the other blog but hey, there's no harm in sharing it here! This is so much better. I’m just going to let his supporters convey the sheer lunacy of it all. Introducing Fangirl #1 – Ben Carson with bonus irony. Yes. People including YOU, … Continue reading I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark