One Liner Wednesday

People are going to wake up one day within the next three years and realise that having your cake and eating it only works when that cake is made out of plastic and your teeth are made out of false hope (Chinese plastic rice cakes aside of course, those are edible… ish). 

Now I really want cake.


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And it just gets better

6. An illegitimate executive order was passed.

Trump’s latest executive order bans federal government agencies from issuing a new regulation without eliminating two existing ones. Such an order is “not a legitimate use of presidential authority,” a policy-making expert told Quartz. Federal agencies are empowered with making regulations through statutes passed by Congress.

Quote taken from Six absurd things that came out of the White House today.


Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

Seems like a good day for a list.

Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

1. Theresa May(hem)

Need I say more?

2. Trump and his cronies

Predictably, almost everything they’ve done since in power has either been ridiculous, disgusting or helpful to absolutely no one but themselves.

3. Award shows. 

Rich people congratulating themselves. Over and over. And over. And over. Enough already. 

4. The weather. 

Not this cold

It’s so cooooooooold. But I realise that this is a first world problem.

5. Not being able to write as much I used to.

I miss it, man. 

6. Being sick. 

Just ugh. I feel gross. I look gross. I am gross. Fuck everything. 

7. PMS and sugar cravings

See 6. 

8. Travelling during rush hour. 

Yo. This is the most awful part of my day. Arms in my face. No room to breathe. People somehow finding space to yap away on their phones. The way it is always a million degrees inside. The uphill battle to get out of the station.


9. The fact that I keep buying new shoes. 

Self, you’re supposed to be saving up. Stop it. STOP IT. 

10. Not having any time

I’m tired all the time. That means I am less motivated and less productive. And that makes me feel like shit. 

So yeah, I’m an unhappy bunny at the moment.

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Voter Regret: sometimes a win isn’t always a win

Donald Trump and British politicians have proven one thing in the past year. 

Being successful ain’t all it’s cut out to be for the people who have to deal with the consequences.

Let’s start with Trumpgret, the cold feeling occupying those who feel betrayed by The Donald.

The regretter: This woman

She says that she began to feel regret during a sixty minutes interview because:

He backtracked on one of his signature campaign promises: pursuing an investigation into the Clinton email scandal. It’s not that I want Clinton to be crucified or “locked up” — it’s the nonchalance with which he went back on his word after hammering it repeatedly during the campaign. The ease and quickness with which he reversed his position shook me to my core. I realized in that moment that I had voted for a demagogue. And it was sickening.

Look. At this point, Trump had backtracked so many times with the exact same nonchalance that seemed to shock this woman. Remember birtherism? Hello. He tried to blame that shit on Hillary without a sense of irony. Punishing women who had abortions? He backtracked on that. He is the backtrack king.

So excuse me when I ask: where the fuck have you been?

Anyway, dubious tone aside, this woman pretty much stops pretending that Trump backtracking is her issue.
She reveals that she voted for Trump because:

he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, and that was the most important issue to my own life.

A little selfish maybe, but fair enough.

Looking back, I realize what a mistake it was. I ignored the pundits who repeated over and over again that he would not follow through on his promises, thinking they were spewing hysterics for better ratings.

…as opposed to the hysterics spewed by Trump himself.

Sitting on my couch, my mouth agape at the words coming out his mouth on the TV before me, I realized just how wrong I was.

One has to wonder if she reacted the same way to Pussygate.

He has shown himself to be guilty of all of the same things he accused Hillary of — lying to the public, refusing to do press conferences, putting himself and his business interests above the American people.

He showed all of this WAY before November 8th.

Girl, where the hell have you been?

Trump’s retaliatory and impulsive behavior, which I think I assumed was a campaign tactic, have carried over into his actions as president-elect.

…uh. I can’t honestly believe this. Heck, it was behaviour he displayed on freaking Celebrity Apprentice.

She then goes on to say:

I know I’ll be ridiculed for voicing my regret.It’s not easy for me to come forward and say all of this. I feel humiliated already, and I know that going public with my story will open me to ridicule.

While I’m not really convinced that she’s truly humiliated, I think it is still brave of her to share her regret. She will probably be the first of many.

Moving onto Bregret…

There are two categories here

  • Those that regret voting remain.
  • And those that regret voting leave. 

First, we have this person. 

I’m not even going to quote any of it because it was…nonsense. Everything they accuse people of was happening before that day of the vote. And they seem to excuse the behaviour of the other side. It’s a strange stance, really. To regret not being on the winning side. Hmm. 

And, on the flip side, we have data that implies that the amount of people who regret voting leave is quite substantial. There are some accounts of regret but I think I’d like my blood pressure to stay level. I’m keeping away from them.

Brexit is a different ballgame given that it isn’t going to happen right away. Personally, I think there will be more regret in the coming years. 

The truth is that no matter what you’re voting for, you can feel regret. That’s what happens when you vote without thinking about the wider implications. Like when I voted for Nathan Fillion for the People’s Choice Awards even though I couldn’t stand him. Did I want him to win? Not really, but I wanted certain people not to win more. 

People vote for people or one person because of one specific policy, while ignoring all of the others that don’t benefit them. They want to know how the vote will help them as opposed to everybody. 

And that’s fair enough. Selfishness is a part of everyone’s character. Some more than others. To go back to the woman with Trumpgret, she noted that:

He promised that he would be a president to all Americans, but all he has done is divide us.

That she’s only seeing this now is ironic, but the main lesson is that sometimes getting your own way doesn’t always work out. People enjoy the pantomime of elections. Let’s face it, it’s the only time when politics is interesting. It’s also when politicians lie. That people seem willing to eat this shit up until everything fades to a distant memory is funny to me.

When the buzz has died down and there’s no need for politicians to pretend anymore, one thing rings true – sometimes a win isn’t always a win.

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Politics, Racism

an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

Today (20th January 2017) marks the day of Trump’s inauguration. I am not American so I will not be watching. Not only that, I do not care. The media really wants me to care but I don’t. 

I have watched both (all?) sides engage in an unfortunate pissing contest that doesn’t help anybody. The media reports on each Trump tweet with glee and a subtle kerching. People create memes and treat it like it’s a big joke. It’s bizarre but very American, so there’s that at least.

Meanwhile in my country, we have a tyrannical Prime Minister who seems to have our worst interests in mind. I’m talking ’bout the mess that is Brexit.

It’s all a bit rubbish, really.

And then, I saw this tweet from a black singer who will be singing at the aforementioned inauguration. 

The replies to that tweet… Yikes

I get it, sis. You need to pay the bills. There’s no need to patronise the black community with a post that could have been summed up with ‘All Lives Matter‘. 

Yes they do, but, given that phrase was used to dismiss valid concerns by black people, I don’t care for it.

If you believe that all lives matter then BLM should not bother you.

To get back to the singer, her reasoning was flawed for many reasons. You cannot attempt to reason with people who get so mad at people who are trying to fight for themselves. You have to wait for them to come to you (or, as it is in most cases, sit on your hands and refrain from whacking them with a frying pan). You have to wait for them to want to cast away their bigotry. To see blacks and other ethnic minorities as their equals.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon. 

Do you?

Written for the Jan 19th prompt of Rubbish (link).

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I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark

For some reason I tend to post Trump stuff automatically on the other blog but hey, there’s no harm in sharing it here!

This is so much better. I’m just going to let his supporters convey the sheer lunacy of it all. Introducing Fangirl #1 – Ben Carson with bonus irony. Yes. People including YOU, Ben Carson. You’re an idiot.

via I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark


The Mexican Wall

I read this stupid Mexican wall shit that Donald Trump has been waxing lyrical about (again) yesterday and once again, I was perplexed.

So, let me get this straight, after bringing up the whole ‘let’s build a giant wall to stop the Mexicans from entering the country’ early on into his own one-man clown show, Donald Trump appears to be serious about it. Or he’s pretending to be serious, whichever.

And fine, if he wants to talk about a wall, whatever. He is now claiming that he will deport MILLIONS of people within his first hour of being President — can’t you just see the headlines now? ‘AIRPORT CHAOS AS TRUMP’S DEPORTEES CLOG UP AIRLINES!’ Oh no, wait, first Trump would be on the phone to Mexico asking for the ticket money.

He’s all about making sure the American people get the best out of the deal.

Anyway, whatever – I am just concerned about the people who are listening to this and agreeing to it. Deeply concerned. I always wonder how these people survive. I also have some questions for them. Continue reading “The Mexican Wall”