Random Thoughts #67

It's been a while! I was just reading through some of the old ones and cracking up. Ah. I amuse myself at least.  Bob posted some videos of his commercial, or promotion a clothing line. It was very horsey and ~deep, yet ultimately pointless (to me). It didn't make me want to buy the clothes because they … Continue reading Random Thoughts #67


And it just gets better

6. An illegitimate executive order was passed. Trump’s latest executive order bans federal government agencies from issuing a new regulation without eliminating two existing ones. Such an order is “not a legitimate use of presidential authority,” a policy-making expert told Quartz. Federal agencies are empowered with making regulations through statutes passed by Congress. Quote taken … Continue reading And it just gets better

Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now

Seems like a good day for a list. Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now 1. Theresa May(hem) Need I say more? 2. Trump and his cronies https://twitter.com/ava/status/823691804037947393 Predictably, almost everything they've done since in power has either been ridiculous, disgusting or helpful to absolutely no one but themselves. 3. Award shows.  Rich people congratulating themselves. … Continue reading Ten Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now